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Hi all! I'm a newbie but jumped in with both feet in the diapering forums & am now realizing i have no manners & have not introduced myself. Dorky, even online :sheepish .

So, now i'm here, late but just as enthusiastic
So, a little about me and mine....

I'm Monica, part time SAHM to 14 month old Siobhan, and part time speech-language pathologist. Married to Bob since 7/98 and happily enjoying the rollercoaster that is marriage. We live in belle harbor, NY (aka rockaway beach) and it's great in the summer & boring in the winter.

siobhan is very very fun! she's a rolypolyoly, starting to thin out now that she's getting mobile. she was pretty behind in that area so we had her evaluated at 11 months & she's been getting PT for about 6 weeks. Her progress is great & so fun to watch!

I've never been all that crunchy, but have been crunchy by proxy, if that makes sense. I went to a crunchy college, always seemed to have crunchy roomates, etc. I really dig whole foods & the health food stores but i live in a culinary wasteland (pizza, bars, chinese, deli), so occasionally trek out to wholefoods 45 min & much aggravation away.

I logged onto BBB boards b/c i was looking to switch DD from her huggies. Now that she's starting to thin out a bit, she's got plumber's butt all the time! when i did, i was amazed at all the CD posts. I got interested, started reading, started obsessing, and here I am!
A few hundred dollars later, only a little bit wiser but loving the process.

so that's my story. sorry for the breach of etiquitte, but i'm a spaz!

looking forward to sharing & learning with you all...
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