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Bacterial Vaginosis

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Bacterial Vaginosis, why do I keep getting this??

A few years ago I was battling yeast. I am allergic/sensitive to the cream they put the meds in so I have to get Diflican (SP). Well now I have swung to the other spectrum. I am getting bacterial vaginosis, slight discharge, no smell, no pain. A few times I thought it was cervical mucous, but it would hang around longer than cervical mucous and I figured out what it was.

How can I treat it homopathically and why does it keep on happening?

I have been tested for clamydia and gonorrhea. Had to rule them out :LOL

But seriously I am tired of going to the doctor of this. This current one I didn't even notice anything but was due for my annual.

I don't douche, or use feminine sprays. Don't have multiple sex partners, but dh and I do have a very active sex life. I do leak urine, during sex
And I occassionally wear cotton thongs.
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both you and your partner have to take the meds and finish them all.
I had this before, long ago, and I was just in a comitted relationship. but I had been pretty wild before and I got treated and dp got treated and we never had any other problems

I am sorry I don't know any homeopathy methods

I hope it gets better for you!
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no odor? I don't think it's BV in that case. the smell is usually the first sign of it, before any sort of discharge. It could be your normal bodily fluids, there's nothing wrong with that. You might have a slight irritation from your partner's... uh... body chemistry, or whatever form of contraception you are using. Cervical mucous sometimes sticks around all cycle long, but changes quality depending on where you are in your cycle. There's nothing wrong with that, it's quite normal and actually good for you.
I had this while pregnant, and so did not want to use medication to get rid of it. I cut out sugar, drank tons of water, ate 2 cups of yogurt a day, and applied a comfrey/st john's wort cream I had made once or twice a day. I think I also applied plain yogurt too, similar to what you would do for yeast. I was diligent about washing my clothes, bleached, rinsed twice in very hot water, etc, and went underwear free when possible, wore only cotton... I went back to the midwife a month later and my bacterial culture showed a much lower count. The following month is was completely gone. I think I was very consistent about treatment for 2 weeks, and was careful to keep sugar low afterward.. it went away though. Good luck. ps I also had no smell or real discharge, just itching, but when cultured I showed a bac overgrowth... not always dramatic symptoms, just need to get back in balance.
Yeast and BV have the same cause: imbalance in body's natural flora that protect us.

Have you tried homemade yogurt and or kefir?

There is several medical studies on the benefits of probiotics and BV. Goodpapa has posted his wife's story here too... she both ate homemade yogurt and used it in suppositories.
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