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Bad diaper rash lasting over 1wk. Now Cortizone cream?

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Not sure exactly where to post..

Ds has had a diaper rash over 1 wk now. I've air'd his butt out as much as possible. I've used cloth diapers. I've used A&D gold, I've used Bourdeax Butt Paste... Nothing helps...

Per my Dr. Sears baby book, it looks like it could be Seborrhieic dermatitis. It says to use cortizone cream? should I?
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I know you've weaned for medical reasons, but do you have access to any breastmilk? Bathing a baby's butt in breastmilk seems to help a nasty rash.

I have no clue how to treat Seborrhieic dermatitis, but if Dr. Sears says to use it, I probably would.

Good luck!
corn starch is disgusting imo but it works wonders on babys butts!
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Hey there Mighty Mama! Andrew has had some bad rashes of late and they looked to be yeast (red, blotchy, bumpy). The only thing that worked was some Vaseline-my last ditch effort. I tried everything possible, and that was the only thing that worked. He cleared up overnight-I think because it makes such a thick barrier so the skin can recover.

Good luck to you and little N.
Can you call your ped and get access to Triple Paste? It is a really great diaper rash preparation they gave us when DD2 was in the hospital. She had a bleeding rash, and they made this up for us -- it's a more intense preparation of zinc oxide (higher percentage than desitin), with cornstarch and something else in it (I can't remember what). It is very thick -- truly a paste -- and worked wonders.
Just wanted to add my $.02; if you do use cortisone, use it only once a day sparingly and for no more than 7 days. My DD had a horrible rash for over 3 weeks and we used cortisone; it did help, but what actually got rid of it was plain old Eucerin cream (lots of it). It worked within a few hours, and it was gone by the next morning. Good luck, I know how frustrating it can be!!
My baby is rashy rashy rashy. He always has a rash somewhere. I use cortisone cream if nothing else helps. But here are some other ideas that have helped:

baking soda bath. My grandma told me this old remedy, and it works. I think it changes the pH of the skin. I put about 2T of baking soda in a bath tub filled about 2-3in deep.

Grapefruit seed extract. This works wonders on yeast infections. Actually, this kills pretty much anything. It's good stuff. I know I won't be using monistat for myself any more.

Eucerin Calming Creme. I checked this out on the skin products website that was in mothering magazine's last edition, and it checked out fine. If I use cortizone, I often dilute it with this lotion if I have to put it on a large surface.

we just battled a bad rash on and off for almost a month. argh! I tried everything too and finally used Nystatin although I'm still not convinced it was yeast. It finally went away but not immediately after using the ointment. I think warm baths definitely helped. I didn't use any soap (but the baking soda sounds like a good idea!)--just soaked her bum as long as long as DD would tolerate the bath. Good luck--I know how frustrating it is!

Originally Posted by starbarrett

baking soda bath. My grandma told me this old remedy, and it works. I think it changes the pH of the skin. I put about 2T of baking soda in a bath tub filled about 2-3in deep.

I'm going to try that the next time G has a rash!
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