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OK Gang,
I'm really depressed today. I'm a sling wearing mama to an 8mo, but I don't think I'm a truly attached AP parent.

I enjoyed wearing DS in a sling, but now, at 8mos, he wants to stretch and explore, making the sling more of a pain. I only use it when running errands, if he's teething or to get some tasks done around the house (not easy with my son the grabber!)

DS has always been a good sleeper, but since he turned 5mos old, he started waking every 2 hours. I enjoy nursing him and have introduced solids slowly.

Tried co-sleeping and it just does not work for me or DS. Nobody gets sleep. I'm exhausted from waking every 2hrs. I nurse him to sleep and it lasts 10 minutes. He's not hungry, just wants the comfort. I am trying to gently train him how to sleep without needing the boob, but it's been hard.

Tried the Baby Whisperer (on Day 1) and I am convinced that I do not really understand baby's cues. I feel like DS and I are not communicating as well. He has more needs than just to be held and fed and his naps are unpredictable even though he is exhausted. I've been using myself basically as a human pacifier and I'm starting to resent our relationship. I've offered the boob so much that he sometimes looks at me like, "Come on mom, what else you got..."

I really don't think I can handle the frequent night interruptions for much longer. DS is not really a newborn anymore.

Maybe I'm cruising the wrong boards, I don't know. I eventually want to night-wean, don't enjoy co-sleeping and I'm having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Any thoughts? Suggestions?
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