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I don't have a good answer for you but I am somewhat there too.

3rd child is not what they'd call a good sleeper - naps are unpredictable and she wakes a lot at night. I begin to think she's just a light sleeper who is disturbed by the normal noises of life!

One thing I will say is that from reading your post, you are definitely a caring and thoughtful mom - your description is so clear and you are aware of your child's needs! Good for you!

I wonder if perhaps your dc is getting ready for some bigger challenges, maybe thinking about walking? Maybe he's like my dd, sort of a sleep camel - she goes about 4 days with minimal naps, and then crashes for a day or two...

I have come to believe that good sleepers are born not made. And that their rhythms of sleep change during some developmental stages, which is a fancy way of saying This Too Shall Pass... But I'm only judging by my own children, really.

Take heart, ds who slept no more than 20 mins as an infant and could only sleep glued to an adult for 2.5 years, at 5.5 sleeps peacefully in his own bed. I never would have believed I would be able to say that!

And I don't believe that AP means you have to perform certain actions. I am no expert of course but for me it is more important to identify and balance my child's and my own needs than to get the AP label.
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