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Bad mom day!

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Hey y'all,

I am so mad at myself and i am so premenstrul! i am having such a bad mom day, i am getting so frustrated with my little ball of wonder today! I hate that ti get like this before my period. i am such a B*&@#, and she frustrats me so much. today it is so hot, and dont have AC, i tried to find our MOMS club playgroup and couldnt, then she wouldnt take a nap, i am trying to do laundry. AHHH! I hate this, i feel so bad for her b/ci feel likei turn into the HULK like the day before. I finally got her to nap and i am feeling a nit more calm but i figured that you all would understand if i told you!

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ALL of us understand that feeling and frustration! ALL of us have those "bad mom" days!

I hope tomorrow is better.

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I hope tomorrow is better. We've all had days like that & they suck!

On a different note, have you considered looking at what foods you eat the week or so before your period? I used to eat foods that were "comfort" foods.....but in reality they made me quite depressed. Once I figured that out, the intensity of my moods has decreased significantly. Something you could look at for next month.
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I hope that today is better for you!
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I agree LJ, I don't eat comfort foods....never really, mainly cause they make me so UNcomfortable! First off my teeth are sooooo sensitive that if I eat anything even remotely sweet my teeth send off shoots of pain all the way into my jaw. Second, if I do manage to get something like that into my belly, then I'm on a sugar rollercoaster for the rest of the day. I don't get PMS, the only way I know my moon is coming is from the differences in my Yoni. Maybe TMI...sorry I just got to thinking about it all!

Did you post this on the single AP yahoo list too? I responded to you, the list is so unresponsive. I sometimes want to write to it, but it seems like it would fall upon deaf ears (or blind eyes hehe).
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I am so sorry you are having a rough go of it

I have taken to going to the local pool or beach/lake with the kids on the hot icky I can't cope days....we get out of the house, which improves all of our moods, and it is SO much nicer and cooler around water!!
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Man, do I know those days also, I have them every once in awhile also. Although I am more conscious of when those days come and try to prepare, by eating certain foods, taking homeopathic medications, certain vitamins, etc.

I grew up with a mother who experienced SEVERE pms! It was horrible, she was so mean, short-tempered and just plain obnoxious to us during this time. Our relationship was really strained and difficult because of this. She never got any help, I don't think the medical community ever knew what to do about it, just made the rest of the family pay for it. It wasn't until she had a hysterectomy, because of ovarian cancer, that she realized how bad it all was...for her and for us.

Although PMS is natural and understandable, there are things you can do to help "take the edge" off. There has been a lot of research, homeopathical and medical, that do help.
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today was a lot better! But like you said Holland about the strain, my dd is so young i dont want it to start now. this is a new thing since i had her, i used to just get these severly painful cramps, so bad that i would have to stay home and would just cry! i started taking the pill for it and it helped but now i dont get the cramps at all just the HORRIBLE PMS! does anyone have any advice on what i can try? what kind of comfort foods are you all talking about? any homeopathic ideas for PMS? I want to fix this now while she is young and i am tired of feeling like this during that week!

thanks for all of your hugs and understanding.
About a week before my period, I increase my carbs (carbs increase the seratonin levels, which helps with the depressive aspects of PMS), I cut out all caffeine (which isn't too hard for me, as I don't drink too much of it anyway), alcohol (also not difficult as I am not much of a drinker), refined sugar, salt and cutdown on my dairy intake.

As for vitamins, make sure you are getting a REALLY good multivitamin that has folic acid and especially the B vitamins, B6 being the biggest one. Also, calcium and magnesium are good supplemented on top of the multivitamin...but do not overdo the calcium, stay within the 1000-1200mg range. My dr. immediately prescribed me a calcium/magnesium supplement as soon as my PMS symptoms became worrisome, especially with my mom's history.

As for homeopathic, I would consult a homeopath. Homeopathic medications are not regulated in the US, which is scary to me. Just because something is homeopathic doesn't mean it cannot hurt is also a "drug"!

Oh, and one final MUST in combatting PMS...EXERCISE! Even if it is just a 20 minute walk, 3 times a week. I walk the 20 minutes to and from my office, 4 days a week and bicycle with ds on the really, truly does help!

If it gets worse and you are starting to feel "out of your mind", trust me I have been there (with my mother and myself)...go to your doctor. There are anti-depressants on the market, Sarafem & Zoloft, used specifically for this purpose. But, with all medications, especially anti-depressants, make sure you educate yourself before deciding on taking them. They are not an easy drug, for various reason, but can make a world of difference when truly needed.

Sorry this is so long, this is something that I have battled with myself (to the point of anti-depressants) and with my mom for many years!
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