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Bad News in Texas (X post to Activism)

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How sad is this?

There's something rotten in Texas, and it's called HB 383. This bill would allow any adult, even a camp counselor or scout leader, to whip a child with a "rod", belt, or extension cord: (e) A parent of a child or other person who has the duty of control and reasonable discipline of the child may use corporal punishment for the reasonable discipline of the child. HB 383 is sponsored by Rep. Harold Dutton. More info and commentary at

This terrible bill passed the Texas legislature and now awaits the Governor's signature or veto. Please ask Governor Perry to VETO HB 383 by writing him at: [email protected] (I don't know why it says "dwhite" but that's the Gov's email address). You may also want to mention Rep. Dutton'"crude language" to me! I was flabbergasted!

Texas residents can call Gov. Perry's hotline: 1-800-843-5789

Thank you everyone!!! Texas already has an extremely high level of child abuse, 204 Texan children died from abuse last year. This bill would just encourage more hitting, leading to more injuries and deaths of children.


Thank you everyone who wrote a letter to the editor of the Bakersfield Californian, regarding Steve Haymond's "chastening instrument" to whip babies: Unfortunately they did not print any of our letters. And Steve Haymond himself defends his baby-whipping business, as our emails so him have made clear. This is such an appalling situation!! To get some attention to this toxic "business", I decided to depict the situation graphically, and made these postcards to send to Mr. Haymond and Gov. Schwarzenegger:
I've been sending them for a week now, we'll see what happens.

Some very good news, from Brookline, MA:
Here's the resolution that passed:

Other good news: Bulgaria became the 16th country to ban hitting kids!!

Feel free to pass this email around!! Thanks everyone!!
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that last link is an excellent resource for anyone who needs to make a case against spanking. thanks for posting.

you know, its so hard to beleive how totally backwards some places are when you live in relatively "enlightened" places....i'm almost tempted to dismiss the proposed bill in texas as an internet myth b/c its so hard to beleive.
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that dutton site CANNOT be true!! do you seriously think that a representative wrote "Screw you" to someone?? I just can't even fathom that. I truly cannot.
by the way, i wasn't challenging you...i was just in disbelief that a rep would actually write that. i wasn't saying that you're a moron to believe it, despite what my post looks like. LMAO!! but you think it's real? i really don't want to believe that it is.
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This woman has been at the forefront of children's rights, and I have never, ever known her to even engage in hyperbole. If she says she received these emails, I believe her.
emailed gov perry... let you know if I get a response.
The Texas leglislative session is over for the year, I'm not sure how the bill faired. But it is legit

That's the an official gov't website.
bummer, I feel like a dope. Too late I guess.
omg annettemarie...that's so horrible to know...
From the link that mahdokht provided,

(e 3.) says "an individual who is a guardian of the child and
who has the duty of control and reasonable discipline of the child."

Now, since the other two groups of people they list under "only the following persons may use corporal punishment for the reasonable discipline of a child" are: (1) a parent or grandparent and (2) a stepparent, I would imagine that for (3) they mean a legal guardian? It doesn't say that "any adult" can whip a child, and it also doesn't specifically mention rods or extension cords.

Yes, this bill sounds bad, and I think it's rotten that a state is considering (or passed, don't know) a law that says you can hit your children, but it seems that the article from the op might be adding some extra info to make it sound worse.
UGH! I see so many kids hit by their parents, it is truly disturbing. Texas SUCKS for this sort of thing.
OMG. That site is unbelievable. I mean, I'm disgusted but not surprised by the bill itself. But, that guy is a politician? A state representative? Who the H-E-double-hockey-sticks voted for HIM with that mouth? Since when is it a charitable Christian endeavor to engage folks in debate by telling them to go toy with their body parts?

Sorry, Texans, but I'm beginning to believe your state is as wierd as Florida...
Um, I grew up in TX and spanking or "whuppin'" (with a board) in public schools was the norm - even up to high school. It has never been illegal there as far as I know. Is this a bill to try to solidify the role of corporal punishment in TX culture? Like, are they attempting to head off any attemts to end CP on a federal level or something?

I knew I left there for a reason. Well, countless reasons really. Blech.
I am in Alabama where spankings with boards are still legal and used in public schools. You have to sign a sheet saying the CAN'T do it. Without signing that sheet, they can, through high school. It was very common when I was growing up. Spanking here is the generally accepted form of discipline in society, even the better educated society.
I have to say that, from what I've seen, spanking is not only accepted, but encouraged throughout the South.
My husband's mother actually went up to his schools in Mississippi and told them she *expected* them to paddle him if he acted up in school. His sister's MIL and his mother both spank and/or threaten to spank his 2 nieces whenever they feel like they "need" it. And his mother makes fun of me now that she knows we won't be spanking. Whatever.
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I can't even fathom that! How disturbing! I guess living in MA all my has kept me a bit sheltered.
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