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anyone have a bad pap?

i did and had a biopsy, im waiting for the verdict.

i am soooooooooooooooooooo afraid!

if you had a bad one, what happened next? were you ok? is it a forever problem? how did you solve the issue?

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I did. I had had paps for years all coming back clear. The pap I had after I had my son came back as 'mild dysplasia'. I was hoping it was because of the cervical tear I had during delivery, but it wasn't. I had a colposcopy and it came back as HPV. It is a very common std. Embarrassing, yes. My doctor told me that in so many cases (can't remember the percentage) the HPV spontaneously goes away. My choices were to watch it by getting colposcopies every 6 months or to have cryosurgery. Since I wasn't done having children and the risk of it progressing even to moderate dysplasia was low, I decided to keep track of it. I have had two colpo's since being diagnosed and they both have shown no abnormal cells whatsoever. I was supposed to have had my third one recently, but can't due to being pg.

What exactly did your pap show? There are so many grades of paps all the way from mild dysplasia to invasive cervical cancer. Try not to worry, chances are you will be fine.


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Hey there, I emailed you.

I had an abnormal pap, and they did a colposcopy and a cone biopsy. I have not had an abnormal pap since then, so that is good.

However, I dont' feel like I got enough information regarding different options for treatment, and am very angry about it (when I think about it). There are different types of biopsies, and the type I had often weakens the cervix. I *told* my practitioner at the time that I wanted more children, and he told me that it was no problem. I had major preterm labor with my next (and last) child. She is my last child because I never want to go through the preterm labor (at 24 weeks) again. So, in effect, this doc, because he presented me with no options, limited my family size because of my treatment.

Maybe I would have chosen to have the cone biopsy anyhow; I don't know. He did not discuss my results with me, did not present any treatment options, did not discuss anything. Just told me I had HPV, gave me a handout on HPV, and scheduled me for a cone biopsy.

A GREAT book, that I recommend all the time here, is called "The Abnormal Pap, what every woman should know." I cannot recommend this book enough. It speaks in very understandable terms, it is well organized, and it presents ALL your options. It discusses cervical cancer, different pap types, what the different results mean, and various treatment options. It even discusses how paps are processed, the credentials of the lab and cytologist; it is great. VERY informative.

I'm sorry your worried, and I don't want to add to your worries by you thinking you won't be able to have any more children. Most practitioners dont' do the cone-type of biopsy; they do little biopsies, where they take small pieces of tissue (instead of a major chunk of the cervix, like mine did). My biopsy came back negative, by the way. No cancer. That was my first and only abnormal pap, and I have not had one since (and I am very good about getting my pap every year...that has been 6+ years ago).

I am now a nurse in a women's clinic; only very very rarely does a biopsy come back positive for cervical cancer. VERY rarely. Removal of the lesions will often take care of the problem. And in many cases, *your body* will take care of it. That is why, with many results, the standard of care is to wait and recheck in 4-6 months; this gives your body a chance to heal.

Also, asking for a viral typing of the HPV is helpful. It is well known that there are about 6 viral subtypes of HPV that are associated with most of the cervical cancers. Other viral subtypes are not (there are over 100 viral subtypes of HPV). So, if you know you have one of the more aggressive subtypes, you can be more aggressive with your treatment. Likewise, if you know you have one of the less aggressive types, you can be less aggressive with the treatment.

Knowledge is power! Read the book, ask questions! And trust your body. Good nutrition, good health, and positive thinking are as important in healing your body as any treatment or biopsy.

Hugs to you for your worries! I'm sorry you had to go through this; I have been there and I know how scary it is. Now, working where I do, I see so many abnormal paps that I don't think I would even flinch if mine came back abnormal. The unknown is so scary! Knowing my options and what all the results mean makes all the difference, in my book.

Good luck; let us know how your results are.

And get that book!!!! I think it came out in 2000.


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I had an abnormal pap when I was in college. I will relay the events as well as I can but I actually really don't know very much (thank you Lori, I will request that book at the library).

I had a standard in office PAP that came back negative. My doctor said that since there were so many false negatives that we would wait and re-test in 6 months. I was in college and extremely busy and let it wait for about 9 months. It came back negative again and I could see that my Dr. was freaked out. She referred me to a specialist who did what I call a Super Pap Test. Basically she stuck a microscope up my vagina and did a Pap test "on-site". The results of this test are kind of a blur. Something about "abnormal cells". The only thing that stuck for me was "worst case scenario is hysterectomy". I was scheduled for a cone biopsy. It was day surgery. I'm not sure why but it was really traumatic for me. I couldn't stop crying. I had never been in a hospital before (as a patient) and I found the whole experience extremely humiliating. I dove into general anaethesia happily. I was put under because doctor said the cells were towards the back of my cervix. She also said that's why they went undetected for a bit. I guess this meant they were really bad? Dunno. Anyway, I came out of general quite happy and recovery was fine. I have had regular PAPs ever since (I think there were a few follow up Super Paps) and have had no reoccurence. I also had a normal pregnancy and C section (not related to this procedure).

Sorry if this is too much information but I have always been a bothered by my lack of knowledge about this. I even requested my medical file on it but was told I couldn't have it. Thank you for the opportunity to get what I do know down.

It is scary but it does seem like it is often cleared up with no reoccurences. Is there somebody who can come to appointments with you to keep track of what is said etc.? It can be so upsetting it is hard to advocate for oneself.

Take care, Liz
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