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Bad reaction to a wasp sting

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My poor ds (4) has been targeted by the insect kingdom. First West Nile Virus, now this.

He was stung under the chin by a yellowjacket on Saturday afternoon, and his neck and the side of his face are huge, red and hot. He didn't have any swelling inside his throat, tongue, etc., or any difficulty breathing. He feels sick, though.

My dh thinks this is an allergic reacton, but based on what I read on WebMD, it sounds like a strong reaction, but not an *allergic* one.

So, what exactly is the difference? Could this be a mild allergic reacton? The last sting he got was on his leg, and it swelled horribly, and he felt sick. Before that, I don't remember stings causing such an alarming reaction. We're very concerned any future stings will be worse, and may cause anaphylactic shock.

Does anyone know about this stuff? We don't normally visit MDs, and we mainly use natural medicine, though we've given him some ibuprofen for this. I plan to take him to a naturopath this week, but should I try to find an MD to give us a prescription for an epinephrine kit?

Thanks for any help you can offer,
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Not sure if this is much help but DD was stung by a wasp when she was 5 yo. IT was on her hand and it swelled up her arm. Icalled her very mainstream MD and a nurse (the calls overlapped) and neither seemed to worried. The ysaid as long as she can breather fine, etc. Don't sweat it (which I knew, but we all know panic.)

I guess to me an ellergy is a reaction though...hmmm...
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