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Bare Bum camping? Naked baby stories anyone?

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So we have a camping trip coming up with family only in the middle of nowhere. I presented to DH that we really wouldn't need diapers, just let her run around naked. His reply was " you want our daughter shi**ing and pi**ing all over herself?!"(not as harshly as it looks here though). So I wanted to know possible senarios of what could happen. I mean will DD pee a few times then figure out how to squat. or is there just going to be pee running down her leg. Personally we'll be in the water so much and will be right by the lake so I don't mind much but I'm clueless as to what will happen when a poop comes. She is very diaper consciouse, and knows when there is stuff in there and sometimes when it is coming and is a very good walker/croucher/squatter, she has the balance and coordination.

I was hoping that maybe after a week of this we could come home and start fresh with EC.

I guess I'm looking for someone to tell me what to do, but stories of naked babies would be awsome so I'm somewhat prepared for anything
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My dd usually just sits down, pees and then stands back up. She has been ECed since birth though and is usually always naked!

I think it would be a great start to EC because even if it was a bit messy, you're out in nature and no one will care. Good luck!

Em (27 mos)
D (7 mos)
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Just watch out for the poop curiosity! Seriously, a babe that age can grab her own poop before you can blink! Not that I'm speaking from experience, of course...

Have fun camping!
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Also, from the environmental perspective, all poop should be buried and human waste should be far from the water. Can she poop in a hole? (Not something I imagined asking about someone else's child
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I would suggest becoming familiar with the basics of EC before you go on your camping trip. Then you can use the camping trip as a way to get yourself familiar with your daughter's patterns and start introducing her to your cues (at that age, maybe a simple "go potty?" is a good cue?) Anyway, that way you will be able to go back to diapering once you get home, but you will already have a feel for the timings and rhythms by then...good luck! Most important is to have fun with it and stay relaxed...if you can't do that it's not worth the stress to you (and dd)! Also, if she does poop outside, please bury it 6" deep at least 100 feet from any water--pee is sterile, but poop should be dealt with properly. THanks!

We're pretty good about burying everything. The only toilet we have is a seat nailed to a fallen tree over a hole and we dump a pail of sand on deposits.
we always took (and still take) our little potty camping, and leave it where DS can have quick and easy access to it. for the most part we let him run around nakey bummed, but it somewhat depends on the activity. if i think he's going to be sitting on the ground a lot i will put a pair of loose shorts or pants on him. i don't want him to get bug bites, or worse worms. but he's mostly on the move, so it's rarely an issue.

i say if you bring some sort of potty seat, then if you see that she's peeing or pooing you can grab her and catch the rest on the potty. and if it's been a while since she's peed or you get the feeling like she might have to, put her on the potty and see what happens.

i love potty seats - i keep one in the car at all times, and my 4yo DD who graduated 2 years ago still uses it on rare occasion when we're out somewhere with no access to a potty and no convenient, discreet place to squat. and i use it a ton still with DS, as he's not keen on public toilets.

most of all, just have fun! we loooove to camp
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We just had our first camping trip with dd who was 4 months at the time. I took everything - CD's, disposables, training pants and the BBLP. We did very good ECing on the 4 day trip. She wore mostly the CD's, just like at home.

On a hilarious note, I had to use the BBLP. DD was sleeping and everyone else was gone, so I couldn't leave her to go to the bathroom. So I had to squat over the BBLP.
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