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Hello all! I'm Cindy, mom to two boys and a little surprise on the way and I'm an Ambassador with Barefoot Books. My local Barefoot business is in North West, NJ, where I do parties, local fundraisers, fairs and festivals, however I've been selling Barefoot Books primarily online since 2008.<br><br>
I started selling Barefoot Books after I bought a few through a fellow Ambassador and fell in love with them and the story of the company. Being a former first grade teacher I’ve seen my share of children’s books, and I thought Barefoot Books were absolutely gorgeous and had all the elements I, and a lot of teachers look for when I pick out children’s books for my kids and my students. They are full of color, extremely well illustrated, have cute story-lines and are on a variety of subjects I love reading about with my boys. Many of them have free downloadable supplemental activities which I love, and its great to expand upon the topics covered in the books. Lots of them have sing-a-long or read-a-long cds included. The illustrations make my artist heart sing.<br><br>
On the company aspect I love that it was formed by two moms interested in the same things I am (creativity, diversity, world cultures, exploring, imagination, connection to the earth and its people, going green, and giving back.) They have great promotions where you as a consumer can choose to buy a discounted rate book to be sent directly to needy children. Currently there is a Send a Book to Africa campaign.<br><br>
I also sell Sarah's Silks as a supplement to my Barefoot Business and they are so much fun! My boys love running around with their play Robin Hood and Prince costumes, with crowns and swords all from Sarah's silks.<br><br>
Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you have on my fun business or about starting your own Barefoot Business 100% free!</span>
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