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Barely pregnant, homebirth midwife recommendations?

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Hi...I just joined the site, and SO happy to be here. Can't really deal with the regular mommy-to-be websites! I have been reading threads all morning and I feel like I finally found a home! (I should probably get ready for work though)
My daughter is almost 3, and I had her at the now-closed Birthplace at Wellesley
. Now I'm due in December, and I plan to homebirth. But I don't know anyone else who has, so I'm looking for midwife recommendations. I found a few names on BirthPartners, but I'd love to hear about others' experiences. Is there anywhere else I should look? Oh, I'm in Central Mass. Thank you all, I am really looking forward to spending my pregnancy and parenting years here!
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I used Nancy Wainer ( my HBAC and it was the best experience of my life. She was great. She is in Needham though so I don't know if that is too far for you. She works with another homebirth midwife whose name is Heather Laier . She was at my birth and was so amazing. I really liked her. She is in Reading. There is a another midwife in Upton and her name is Sue Smith. I don't know her but I know several people who used her for their births and had a good experience. Feel free to pm me with any questions.
I'm in CT and it looks like I'll be using Nancy as well. It's a haul for me, but after a few conversations it's clear that she's worth it.
Here's a couple of other options as well:

Adrian E. Feldhusen, CPM, Tracey A. Bowman, CNM


Good luck!
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I've heard good things about Nancy Weiner, and have had some nice conversations with one of her assistants.
I don't know if Sherborn is too far for you, but the midwife who assisted with my last birth and will be assisting again lives there and is very nice; her name is Miriam Khalsa. My regular midwife is from Stoneham though, so I'm sure that's too far.

- Krista
I used Joyce Kimball for my almost home birth. We couldn't get insurance to cover so we labored at home with her until 9cm and rushed to the hospital to push baby out. She was wonderful and supportive and I'd recommend her to anyone for doula or midwifery services. I loved her
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Beth Moonstone at Womancraft is fabulous but is taking a sabbatical just after we're due in late July, early August. Her partner, Gillian seems great too. She has great energy and we're happy that she'll be attending as well. Prenatals in Amherst are a bit of a hike, but what isn't when you live out here? Again, email is [email protected].

Good luck.

, mama to Yarrow 4/17/04
, expecting #2 this summer
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MommaCheesehead said:
we labored at home with her until 9cm and rushed to the hospital to push baby out.

you are an amazing woman, I can't think of a single thing on earth that would have convinced me to get in a car and go ANYWHERE at 9 cm
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Thanks for all the leads...I guess I just have to talk to some midwives and see who I hit it off with?

At least now I don't feel like such a freak; everyone I know thinks I'm crazy. I think a 30% chance of having a c-section in a hospital is more crazy, however
: !
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I can't rec Sue Smith in Central Mass enough. She is connected to all of the Worcester hospitals and labs which would make her very conveient for you, too.

I interviewed Nancy and met with her a few times and Sue and they are complete opposites, so one of them is sure to be your style.
I've also heard good things about Nancy Wainer. We went to her open house last month and it was nice. She's got a monthly open house on the third Thursday of the month - check it out if you're interested - a low key way to meet her and her assistants.
Bumping this thread from the past...

We're hoping to start trying for baby #2 in the next three months if all goes well with my treatment. The plan is that this treatment should help with fertility so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that were able to make a summer baby (over a year plus of baby lust is killing me

The thing is I'd really REALLY love to try and have a homebirth but I'm not sure if the risk is to much for someone to take on. I figure if I start making some phone calls now so I'll have a better idea of what my options are. It seems that Nancy would be to far from me since I live in Leominster but Sue Smith would be an option.
I'd really love any imput anyone has since I'm this is all new to me. I went the OB/hospital route with my son and he was born naturally but early at 34 weeks.
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Try the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance ( That's where I found my homebirth midwife out in rural Western Mass.
Used Sue Smith here for both of my children. She rocks! One of her assistants Erika Beecher (I think) is out in the Worcester area & she is also top notch.
Fancy finding this thread. ME TOO. As in Just found out this AM! WEll, I'm in Western MA and looking for suggestion on a homebirth midwife. Northampton/Amherst/Ware/even Worcester is probably fine. Any suggestions?
Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!

I am the original poster; it seems like a lifetime ago that I was looking for a midwife!

The midwife I chose was Erika Beecher in Worcester. She is amazing and gentle and supportive. Sue Smith and Pam Campbell also attended the birth as assistants (the three of them attend eachother's clients' births). I liked both of them, so depending on where you are and who you click with I would recommend any one (we live in Rutland). You can find their contact info on Mass Midwives Alliance.

If you want more info let me know.

E-mailed these to you kelleyerin, but thought I'd post here for others...

Warm Welcome Birth Services
Michelle L'Esperance, CPM
239-404-1799 ~ Cell

Sacred Birth Midwifery
Tanya Rapinchuck, CPM
Lucinda McGovern, Midwife
Kirsten Kowalski Lane, Supervised Midwife, CPM Candidate
16 Center Street
Suite 523
Northampton, MA 01060

Birchwood Midwifery
Gillian Daley
9 Woodbine Avenue
Northampton, MA 01060

Mothering Services
Nora Lynn Holland
75 Maple Street
Ware, MA 01082

Be BOLD in September 2007!
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Originally Posted by kelleyerin View Post
I'm in Western MA and looking for suggestion on a homebirth midwife. Northampton/Amherst/Ware/even Worcester is probably fine. Any suggestions?
If you are in Western Ma I highly recommend River Valley Midwives in Amherst. Kristen and Jharna are wonderful and I cannot say enough great things about them. They caught my son when he was born at home in December 2005 and they will be catching our new daughter any day now. Definitely give them a call.
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Depending upon where you are...

You have lots of choices...

Sue Smith, Megan Hill, Erika Beecher, Pam Campbell, Joyce Kimbal...I have worked with them all and they are all great ladies. As a pp (previous poster) mentioned you can find more details at in the MEMBERS section.

Best of luck & Congrats! Paige
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