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Has anyone considered it might be laryngomalcia?

My daughter was born 8 days after her 'due date'. Spontaneous labor. However, it was 60 hours of labor that ended in cesarean birth because the cord was wrapped around her body 3 times. There was some meconium, but was suctioned out. From the get go, she sounded like she had croup. After x-rays and what not, they still couldn't figure why she had this horrible cough and wheezing. They thought maybe when they suctioned her.... they irratated her air passageway.... Finally around 4 to 6 weeks old, we saw an ENT. It turns out she had a pretty severe case of laryngomalcia.

Here is the info on it:

It says it doesn't begin at birth, however it did for my daughter. I had to nurse her differently (upright) and the ENT wanted her to sleep on her belly in her crib!!! (Didn't do that! Co-slept with her propped up on my arm or body.) They gave me medicine for reflux in the beginning, but I only gave it to her a few times. It didn't seem to make any difference. It can cause failure to survive if it interferes with nursing or taking a bottle. She had the caving end of tissues above or below the ribs when breathing in...due to blockage of air flow at times...but not with every breath. Colds were especially scary as she immediately sounds like she has croup with the slightest sniffle (She's almost 2 now, it's gotten better.) As a baby, you could hear her wheezing, etc when you walked into the room. Her cry sounded like a horror movie scream. Nursing, she had to stop A LOT to get her breath and sounded like a rooting piglet. LOL

But like I said, she's almost 2 now. She sounds fine unless she has a cold. She tends to get choked on more solid foods that need more chewing, but is healthy otherwise. She was cleared from the ENT around a year old.

Hope this helps. Do you think that this is it?
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