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Barn owners

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My FIL once told DH that in order to keep a barn's foundation from damage like cracking, we must always have animals living inside. This was the first time that I have ever heard such a thing and find it quite ridiculous. Of course, I could be wrong. Right now my inlaws have animals (2 sheep, numerous cats, dogs, and rabbits) in OUR barn. They were in there before DH bought the barn from them....before we even met. In the future I'd like to maybe convert the barn to some other kind of facility.... if we decide not to have our own animals when these die off. Anyway, has anyone heard of this issue concerning a barn's foundation????
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A barn floor/foundation is going to crack or not on its own, animals or not. depends on its age and how it was installed and so forth. My barn has always had horses in it and it has a cracked foundation. I imagine his theory is based on having the heat inside the building so water cannot get into holes and then turn to ice and make cracks. Or something like that. My husband is a home inspector and he laughed when I read your post. He said "thats a new one"
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hmmmmm....I thought his theory might be based on letting you look after his animals!
Thanks for the posts. They made me chuckle. When I first heard this statement I almost burst out laughing myself. DH's family is a little out there with their ideas. Now I look forward to the day when I can take over the barn. Right now it's so filthy. They clean it about 2 twice a year. I haven't even been in it in over a year because I have either had a small baby or have been pregnant. I know barns aren't supposed to smell like roses but gosh, this is bad!
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