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I took 3 hospitals from my area that I can deliver at.
Cottonwood has been repeatedly meantioned by my cousin (she wants to deliver there) They do allow vbacs, as far as I know they don't allow food with vbacs.
St. Marks is where I had my son (c/s) and planned to have #2 there. Except now I don't think that place is for me. I want cem that is wireless. They dont have that and they are VERY ANTI baby/mommy friendly.
U of U is where I want to deliver. They are great with VBACS, Wireless CEM, can eat a clear liquid diet. I would be seeing a midwife practice, They allow any birthing position you want. However, if I need a c/s I think this is a very scary (based on the chart in this post) place to have it done at.
I should add that the U OF U is the high risk hospital for Utah as well as many surrounding states. They take the highest risk patients which in general means more complications. Their newborn injury rate includes newborns NOT born at the U OF U, but at other hospitals. U of U is also a teaching hospital. Im told you can tell them no students, but in a rush who has time time to fight about it. I know the midwifery practice has no students. The problems come in if I need a c/s.
: *sigh* still with me? These stats are from 2004. I cant imagine them changing all that drastically, right?
Where would you deliver? Home birth is NOT an option for me.

In each row the green # is the best out of the 3 hospitals, the blue # is the midle number out of the 3 and the red # is the worst out of the 3.

Here is the link to the PDF statistics file for the entire state - where I found the info for the chart.

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Heyla mama!

On the surface, I'd say...go with hospital that you feel most comfortable in or familiar with. You've already daid the hospital you used last time isn't very baby friendly and doesn't have the equipment you want. So I'd say forget about that one (St. Marks).

If you're comfortable with your current midwife practice, can they attend you at both U of U and Cotoonwood? Or would you need a different care provider for Cottonwood? Although I didn't want to eat while in labor, there shouldn't be a rule against it, so you might ask for more details about their VBAC program. What else do they require or suggest? Does any of it give you a "that isn't right/isn't mama supportive" vibe?

To be honest, if you need to give birth in a hospital then I'd probably go with the U of U. Although their numbers look scary when compared to the others, as you pointed out, it's sort of like comparing apples to oranges. If U of U is handling the high risk cases already then you'd expect higher levels of complications, c/s, etc. In fact, when you're looking for a doctor or hospital to have a procedure at you're generally better off going with the one that does that procedure the most often. U of U has some scary numbers, but not that scary when you consider the population they are serving.

The important thing is to have a care provider you trust, a backup OB you feel comfortable with, and a hospital that provides the facilities/tools you are most interested in. Don't think negatively (as in "repeat c/s)...try to focus on the positive (the midwives, the facilities, the freddom to move) since that's what will help you achieve your VBAC!

Listen to your heart and go with your gut...good luck with your VBAC!
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