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Basic raw milk questions

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Anyone who can help, please do! I bought some raw milk once but then had many questions once I got it open (bought from a store) I feel very dumb asking some of these questions!

1. There was thick chunkyness covering the opening so I couldn't pour the milk. So I shook it up which made not so yummy chunks in my glass of milk. What was I supposed to do? Strain it? If nothing else I can make something with it.

2. I want to make the cream cheese and Whey from NT. It says to put raw milk in a clean glass container for 1-4 days until it all separates. Is this supposed to be covered or just open?

which leads to another really stupid question...

3. when instructions say to "cover" what does that mean? To tightly screw on a lid? To scrunch some aluminum foil around the top? To lay a clean towl across the top?

See what I mean?
I need help! Any advice on dealing with my raw milk and the issues it brings up?
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Don't feel dumb ... these are all good quesitons!

1. The thick stuff at the top is the milk fat/cream. You need to really shake good to help distribute it throughout the milk. It will separate everytime because it's not homogenized (which is good that it's not - the fat in raw milk is really good for you). Sometimes the cream can be really thick (I've had non-homogenized milk from Trader Joe's that was really hard to shake up), other times it'll shake up easily. But it's good for you.

2. I would put the milk in a mason jar, cover it tightly with the lid, and then put it aside in a cupboard ... the probiotics already present will go to town and in a few days you'll have cream and whey.

3. I've always taken it to mean that you put a solid lid on tightly unless it specifies otherwise (cover loosely with a towel, etc).

Enjoy your raw milk - I'm so glad we discovered it!
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Here's a basic question for you...what does it taste like? Like the pasteurized stuff? Like rice milk or soy milk?
Thanks for asking dot2dot...I had the same questions tonight after reading NT section on whey!
Thanks for the help! I am glad I am not the only one feeling confused about seemingly basic stuff
Now I am off to give it a try!
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Originally Posted by theatremum
Here's a basic question for you...what does it taste like? Like the pasteurized stuff? Like rice milk or soy milk?
It's a different taste than pasteurized milk ... better in my family's opinion. Personally, I think it smells better too ... fresh, for lack of better word.
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