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bassinet vs pack n play

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We are trying to decide whether to get a bassinet for the bedroom or a pack n play that has a bassinet option. We are definitely getting a pack n play for our downstairs & originally planned on the bassinet for the bedroom. My mother pointed out that if we get a second pack n play, then when the baby outgrows the bassinet feature, she will be able to keep it at her house for babysitting & we'll get more use out of it.
I get my 20 wk US on Mon. & we will be going to the store to pick out more items for the registry next week after we find out what the babe is (hoping this baby cooperates so we can see!).
What do you all think? Any opinions on what you would choose if you needed a sleeping area on both floors? Just curious what you other mamas are planning on.....
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I don't think I would get a bassinet, just because the usage time is so limited. Your mom has a good point too, it's nice to have a sleeping area for other houses that your baby may be at too.

If someone offered me a bassinet to borrow I may use it though, as for a purchase, I have never considered a bassinet.

Just my 2 cents!
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For us a bassinet would be a waste of money. We've used a pack-n-play as a bassinet for both of ours, and then used it as a bed afterward. The pack-n-play is the best thing we've ever gotten for our kids. That said, some people don't like them. We've loved ours and would never give it up. We'll use it for the next baby as well.
we used a basinette, like a basket kind and he slept in our bed when he wasn't in that. We liked the bassinette because the baby sleeps a lot at first and the basinette is very mobile so it is easy to keep the baby near by. You can usually find them used very cheap so it wouldn't be a waste of money if you don't use it for years.
I love the pack n play, especially for the little diaper changer on it. I would definitely get another pack n play - I think you'll get more use out of it, and for longer.
I had both.......we put the basinet in our room and the pack and play out in the livingroom. If I were doing it again I'd probably just get a pack and play, put that in our room and skip the basinet. My house is all on one level though. DD had a hard time with overstimulation so she wouldn't sleep out in the livingroom anyway, she had to be somewhere quiet. The change table on the pack and play was useful though.

In your situation I might be tempted for a second pack and play....or else borrowing of finding and inexpensive basinet for your room. Whatever you decide your mom could keep an eye out for second hand pack and play to keep at our house........this is what my mom did and it came in quite handy to have it there.
We have an arms-reach cosleeper, which can also serve as a free-standing bassinett and a pack and play. We used it a ton with DD (travels well). There are probably several options out there to look at now.

It sounds like a bassinet would work well in your bedroom. The disadvantage of a pack and play is you have to bend down to put them in/out. DD really hated the pack and play, other than using it for sleep when we traveled.
I would go for the pack and play. I use a 'Moses' basket (like this)
for quick, easy, light, portable option if/when I need to set my little-one down for a bit.
Definetly a pack and play with a bassinet in it...graco is making some awesome ones with a little hammocky thing in it now too...We loved our bassinett in the pack and vibrated and helped lull dd to sleep.
Personally, I'm going with the pack and play because of the versatility of it. I mean you get a bed, a play area, and a diaper changing station. So I think pack and play is much better bang for your buck and like Grandma pointed out it would be great to have two play pens one for her house and one for yours so you aren't forever packing one back and forth to each others house.

On a side note, I had a " gender prediction scan" yesterday and Mei-Li was sleeping so her legs were crossed to where you couldn't see her gender area. So the U/S Tech gave my belly a little shake and Mei-Li woke up and started moving her little arms and legs so we were finally able to see that she's a little girl. So maybe if your baby isn't cooperating at you 20 week U/S your tech will have some methods to get him or her to cooperate.
Thanks ladies for your input! I am definitly leaning more towards the pack n play now. It has been 10 yrs between pregnancies & everything has just changed so much. I am looking forward to picking stuff out with DH next week

I will post our results from Mondays scan. I am just so excited!
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Wanted to say congraulations BabyWang2010 on finding out you're having a girl!
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I can't wait to hear about your scan tomorrow. I doubt you'll be able to sleep much tonight cause you'll be so excited.
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