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Bat Box

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I told DH that I'd really like a bat box for Mother's Day.
(And no, it isn't any kind of metaphor. Hee hee.) I know Gaiam sells them, but wondered if there were better deals elsewhere. Any information is appreciated! Oh, and we have a really small lot--.18 acres. I just thought we'd mount it on the side of the house on the upper story--any reason not to?
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we bought one several years back. I never saw any bats near it, though they were in the area. There are rules on where to place them (height above ground, direction to face, etc)
Amazon has several....we ordered the one "not specified" for our son and it seems fine....

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I think bat boxes are so

I just found this resource online, this is on placement of the box:
Very cool! Thanks for sharing that. I found one online for $39, so I think Momma's going to get her bats this summer. We have a perfect spot on our house to place it.

That article talked about painting your box to make it warmer--anyone know if bats migrate and aren't around in the winter? Our area gets pretty doggone hot in the summer...
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