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Bath drama

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We've been bathing my 17 month old in a mini-bathtub on the kitchen counter since he was a babe. He is outgrowing it and we are trying to transition him to the actual bathtub, but he's terrified of it for some reason. We've tried bathing him with me in there with him, or DH in there with him (with toys, etc.) and he's still freaking out.

Is this a normal transition phase that will pass if we just keep bathing him in there? FWIW he hated baths when he was an infant so we bathed him only every few days, and he did get used to it eventually, so that he loved his kitchen counter-top baths. Just wondering if others have gone through this, and what helped the transition. I mean, eventually we're gonna have to just do this, yk? He's a big boy, and he just isn't fitting well into the mini tub anymore. Help!
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how about putting the mini tub in the big tub to transition him?
Or try the shower, my toddlers have always loved a shower more then a bath.

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Or try the shower, my toddlers have always loved a shower more then a bath.
: We have showered w/ ds since he was very young. Might not be so scary w/ you in there too.
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We've showered w/ all 3 kids since day 1. Ds2 is the most impressed.
He gets his little back all into the stream and moves around and lets it hit him where he wants to feel it.
It is the CUTEST!!!!

Try moving the little tub into the big tub for awhile. They also have those blow up tubs that fit into the big one.
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Thx i think we'll try the little tub in the big tub for awhile. I don't think the shower is a good idea since turning that on once, for a second, a month ago, is what freaked him out to begin with. Even running water from the faucet scares him (I think it's the sound), which is funny cuz he's pretty laid back otherwise.
ds went through a phase around that age (lasted a couple months!) where he was afraid of the bathtub...even though he'd been happily bathing in the big tub for months. We did sponge bath-type cleanups in the bathroom sink, and eventually he decided it was ok again. He too was terrified of the shower.

Once it's warmer, you could do outdoor "baths" in the baby tub, or in the kiddie pool or something.

DD has always been a major "water baby", it was great. But right around that age, she HATED baths. Screamed, yelled, cried all the way through it... she spent a few dirty weeks lol...

But eventually she outgrew it or got over it or whatever, and LOVES baths again.

Hated the shower, then loved the shower. Hated this, then loved that. Kids heh.
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I agree about starting to put the little tub into the bathtub. But, then, after that to help transition, we used one of those bath seats. My son really liked it. (We found one at a garage sale.) He didn't start to climb out till last month, so now he's in the big tub. I think it made him feel secure to be held like that in the seat.
Thx all. Today we did the big tub inside the little tub and he didn't scream the whole time, but was merely a bit cranky, which I consider to be huge progress! Hopefully he'll be in the big tub and enjoying it in no time. Yay!
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