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bath time

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Wondering if anyone else went through this... My 18 mo. old DD has loved baths from the time she was a newborn, she even laughed when we dumped water over her head! Then suddenly out of nowhere last week she started screaming bloody murder when we try to give her a bath- she won't sit in the tub, she screams like we're torturing her. I hate putting her through it- but it's SUMMER, she's sweaty, dirty from playing outside etc.

I don't understand what happened...Just one of those mysterious phases?
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I don't have any guesses about the cause, but I bet it will pass. Until then, I'd do warm-washcloth-wipedowns during diaper changes, or whatever. Poor sweetie! Sounds like she's definitely scared about something.
a phase! try a new toy in the tub, or like the pp said washcloth wipedowns. Is it warm where you are? DS didn't like baths either but he would play in the water outside. I'd give him a little soap for the pool and let him have at it.
I think its pretty normal. DD didn't quite go so far as to refuse to get in, but would scream bloody murder if we tried to get her to sit down. Eventually it passed.

Originally Posted by mightymoo
I think its pretty normal. DD didn't quite go so far as to refuse to get in, but would scream bloody murder if we tried to get her to sit down. Eventually it passed.
This is my 17-month ds. He will get *in* the tub and happily play with his tub toys, but he refuses to sit down. He also refuses to sit down in his baby pool and this started right after we began swimming this summer, so I'm wondering if he is confused or nervous.
Ds is often like this with me (it has gotten better, though....he LOVED baths as an infant (Pisces!) then didn't like them, now tolerates them), however, he LOVES when dh gives him a bath. I hear them in there giggling and playing and splashing. Have you tried that? It also gives you a break!

ETA after seeing elmh23's post: ooh, bubbles! I know they aren't that great for baby's skin (drying and all), but dh uses bubbles a lot, and that's one of the few words that ds pronounces REALLY well, so I think he likes them a lot!!
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My kid went from LOVING baths to hating them also. I think she was about 17 months at the time. The only way I've found I can get her in the bath is to use bubble bath. She loves bubbles. She still hates her hair washed, so I only do that in the shower (usually with dh standing by to grab her out.) With my dd, she just hates water on her face. Like the pp, my dd usually only reacts this way when I'm giving her the bath. If daddy is in there, she's usually way more happy about getting her hair washed. I guess he was the magic touch, lol.
My ds hasn't cried or hate baths, but he's definitely let it be known that he doesn't want them much. lol. I guess he has way more important things to do. lol. And I don't bathe him if he doesn't want to.
I've found that there are a lot of options that work as well as a bath, and take less time and less water

He likes to sit on the bathroom counter and let me wash him from the sink. I can stand him up in the sink to get him rinsed off really well. He loves looking in the mirror
I've also washed him in the kitchen sink too. Works well too.
Another idea, that works pretty well is to get a bucket, and sit him on a towel in the living room and wash him while he watches a video. Its pretty easy even though it takes two trips for water- soapy then fresh.

He also likes for me to leave the water runing on a trickle in the bath. I don't fill it much, then leave the water on for him to play with. It ends up using no more than I'd usually use to fill the tub anyways.
Oh, and blowing bubbles is a really fun bathtime thing here, too. I don't let him blow bubbles in the house, so its kinda fun for him to be able to in the tub.
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Didn't read through all the posts... but have you considered taking a "bath" outside? I give DS the hose and let him play in it. Inevitably he totally cleans himself off and gets clean. I then grab a towel and wipe him dry and take him inside. Maybe a change of scenery could help you?
My dd went through this too for about a month when she was 16 months. We just gave her sponge baths or held her close (we always bath together) and one day it ended as abruptly as it began

Bathing together and toys really helped us too. Just make it comfortable for now and hopefully it won't last too long
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I previously posted our solution to the bath problem in this thread:

Hope something in it helps!
My son had a phase like this about the same age, we took less baths and super fast. I let him say "all done" and we'd take the world's fastest bath or just use a wash cloth to clean up as best as I could. He got over it about a month later.
my DS went through a phase like this, and now, we go to the pool once a week and he is SUCH a water baby
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It's a normal phase. My dd did the same thing around 23 months but it only lasted about a month and now again we have a hard time with getting her out of the tub. She kicks and screams because she has to let the water go down the whole. Good Luck.
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