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bathing suit season approaches...

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So last summer I was hugely prego (yeah!) and loved going swimming in my cute maternity suit. This year, however, I still have some of that prego paunch (ahem) and am not so psyched about hitting the beach! Can I hear an AMEN?!?! Does anyone have any cute bathing suit ideas for someone with saggy boobs and a saggy belly? Oh, and don't forget the saggy butt and thighs! Did I mention saggy?
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maybe just a birthday suit -- why even bother trying to hold it in . .
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I bought a suit last year that's a tank-top with a bra inside (not just a shelf but with foamy breast-pad like things). It has matching shorts that are like a boy's swimsuit (not like boy short panties, like jogging shorts--not sure if this is what boongirl meant or not) with the net underwear inside. It's really flattering and I can just pop my breast out of the top to nurse! It's also super-comfy and I love the 2-piece. Don't have to take the whole thing off to go pee. Another big plus is that I don't shave so I don't have to feel self-conscious about bikini line!
I have a skirted one piece that I really like, but maybe I will be brave enough to go try to find a tankini style.
I have a tankini with a "sucker-inner" stomach piece...I like it! and I just had to make peace with my stretch marks.
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I had one exactly like Lynn's. It was the Lands End Sport Tankini. A bit pricy, but well worth it.
2 to MDC
along these lines...has anyone found a good suit to wear while nursing? dd is 4 months old and i still wear nursing pads as i leak quite a bit even though she nurses often. i'm a little worried about having a constantly wet suit in obvious places even when i'm not swimming
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You might try Lilypadz for the no-leak look around the pool.

I got a tankini after DD was born. I find it's handy to be able to nurse in while still not showing my middle bits too much.
joyfilledmomma-I'm a leaker, too. What I did with my ds1 was just wear a regular suit (don't hate me, back into a little bikini!) and make sure that suit stayed wet. Sometimes that involved hopping into the water and sometimes that involved pouring a bit of bottled water on the top half of the suit to even out the wetness. I do still have a bit of a pouch left after my second ds, but I'm still wearing the little bikini.
And- hey, I'm in PA, too. Are you anywhere near Pgh?
marieangela~thanks for the simple, but it makes sense. i'm just east of the city so we're probably neighbors!
I am so thankful for my stretch marks because I finally have an excuse not to have to wear bikinis for my dh anymore (no lectures, please, I have grown out of suppressing my own needs in the interest of pleasing him, it's a thing of the past).

I was a nanny before I got pregnant, and found that bikinis are totally impractical for a clingy baby anyway...they don't care if they yank you naked! Found this out the hard way, went out and purchased one-pieces that very night after work.

I will be wearing the lovely one-piece swimsuits I have that have the tummy sucker stuff in the middle and built in bra tops. I don't have stretch marks on my thighs or bum (at least what I can tell from my vantage point!) so that's good enough for me, at this point.

I was broken out something terrible with backne all last summer, and I didn't even wear tank tops outside of the house. I'm excited to be able to go out without feeling embarrassed about my skin this summer!
I'm still wearing my preggo tankini and ds just turned a year!
My sister swore by the Land's End tankinis after my neice was born 3 yrs ago. You can mix and match the tops/bottoms. You can either get them online or at Sears now.

I don't mind wearing my preggo suit too much, except we live in a complex in S. Florida with a lot of young cute (skinny) girls in teeny weeny bikini's. That's when I feel REALLY large Marge.
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