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bathing suits?

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Ok- we are going to the beach in 2 1/2 weeks
and I need a bathing suit! No way am I big enough for a maternity suit, but I need some 'camo" for my thick middle. Any suggestions? I tried llbean and landsend and they are sold out of my size
. I was ready to splurge! Help!
I'll be 13 wks.
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I am wearing a non-maternity tankini that I had planned to replace this summer until I found out I was pregnant. It's good because it covers my belly (well, most of it, some is now poking out.) I think I'll be able to wear it for a while since the top and bottom are separate and the belly can just come out in between. If I were you, I'd go somewhere cheap like TJ Maxx or Marshalls or something comparable in your area and get something like that that is cheap but feels ok on you. Enjoy your beach time!
I am a large shorty (5'4 and 240-250). I went to Target and tried on the Liz Lange two piece suits. There was a really cute patterned one that came in hot pink or electric blue . It showed cleavage, which I thought was cool because my boobies have exploded since I got preggers. Alas, that suit didn't fit on top
. However, I did purchase a Liz Lange black two piece. The top ties around the neck, and looks like a (very short) Marilyn Monroe dress. It has a bikini bottom. While I am wearing the suit you can't see the bottoms (yet). it is very stretchy, but looks sexy, and is SOOO comfortable!!!
And it was only like $30-40!!! I was expecting to pay WAY more!
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You can go to Target for cheap and cute maternity suits, and Sears may carry really quality Land's End suits (that are VERY pricey!). The Sears in our area carry Land's End.

I have a collection now, of various sizes of regular suits, maternity suits, etc.
Go for a two-piece! Bikini or tankini or whatever.

When else in life do you get to stick out your tummy and be GLAD when it's big?! It's too bad we're not all farther along this summer; I think itsy bitsy bikini tops are cool with huge pregnant bellies.
I have too many horribly ugly stretch marks to show the skin of my lower abdomen. However, I love the big rounded belly look in swimsuits. Last pregnancy (was due in Sept. HA-born in Oct.) I bought a cool tankini maternity suit from One Hot Mama. I have big boobs so support was a must. It also had boy cut legs and a under belly support band. I don't think it was advertised as a support band but it sure felt nice. It was too expensive I thought--so my mom helped me splurge. I am so glad I get to wear it again! Also cool is that it looked good at every stage. It was super stretchy and very comfy. At the end my belly did poke out, and it was cute (the stretch marks didn't show that much, but I was glad the boy cut pants covered most of them.

So, in my opinion go for something cute that will last the whole summer if you swim a lot. Also, if you are planning on more children, you might get to wear it again.

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