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I'm pretty certain we have bats in our chimney. They get all loud and chirpy right around dusk and then I usually hear them again a little before midnight. I've read up on how and when to remove them but was wondering if anyone had any tips.<br><br>
From what I understand, I can't do anything right now since they are supposedly mating and birthing from April through June or so. I plan on putting up a bat box or two this summer so they get used to seeing it and maybe even use it some this season. I've also read they are migratory so they'll leave for the winter... is this true? If they migrate away for the winter, I can cap the chimney so they can't get back in but they will be aware and familiar with the bat houses to use, right? Is it that simple? I'd hate to trap any bats in there and cause them distress or even death!<br><br>
I like the bats (I actually find their chatter comforting and pleasant) but I'd love to use my fireplace this winter and need to get it cleaned. We haven't used it for a few years and I can imagine there must be lots of debris built up.<br><br>
I hope this is the right forum. If not, can someone direct me to the appropriate place?
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