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Bay Area Public Schools?

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Does anyone have elementary age kids in a San Francisco bay area public schools that they really like? I'm looking for a school that has a lot of family/parent involvement. I heard about Christa McAuliffe in Saratoga and its sounds like something I might be interested in. Does anyone know of similar schools or have kids at schools that you really like?
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We are in Pleasanton and are in a Sudbury-esq. alternative public school here. They really emphasize parent-teacher collaboration and family involvement in the program. It's at Walnut Grove Elementary School and is called the Discovery Program. Love it!
Thanks.. I'm going to look into that school district.
i don't know much about it, but i've heard very good things about
Orion Alternative School in Redwood City:
PACT program in Mountain View

Discovery School in Moreland school district, West San Jose
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