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BBC wants your planet saving ideas

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Everyone could help save the planet by making just a few changes in our household energy use. So the Magazine's inviting you to tell us how you think we could all be greener and more energy efficient at home, and that includes saving water - and we'll publish one a day.

For many countries in the Northern Hemisphere, we have freezing temperatures for a good part of the year. It would be a relatively simple thing to adapt fridges so they are connected to the outside and use a simple fan to suck in cold air to keep food cold, and even frozen. Instead fridges are constantly running in winter trying to keep food cold in our heated homes.
I love the fact that even if nothing discussed actually gets produced, it is still bringing an important topic to the minds of BBC readers. And I like the fridge idea. Now if only I could come up with something to submit!
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i love it
thank you!

i'm also interested in starting a Victory Garden type campaign really concerns me that our food supply is so dependent on fuel. how could i go about doing such a thing, especially since i don't know anything about gardening??? people in suburbia have these big yards that sit empty (i rarely see people doing anything outdoors anymore), and we could be using them to grow our own food, saving tons and tons of fuel. not to mention growing things in public parks. i realize a lot of people here do have gardens, but the rest of us clueless city-type folk could use some help and motivation
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If you go to "diggin in the earth" forum they have a great deal of info there, also I'd look into what I think is called square foot gardening (?) it looks really neat!
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