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Be Honest...

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Would you be so very into CD if everything was just plain white? Still all the same options (wool, pockets, fitteds, aplix, snaps etc.) except everything was plain white. No colours, no prints, no wool art.
So would you?

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I think so. I take a lot of pleasure in the simplest of stuff, as long as it is well made and fits really well.
Would i still use cloth yes........... would i be as in to in ... i dont know i really like my prints and colors........
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yep! I started out only doing white or natural diapers this time around. I still will only buy diapers that are white or natural on the inside. I only started doing print diapers when some of them were the same price as the naturals and I also sent some of my own fabrics to WAHMs to use for the outsides of diapers because I saw that I just wasn't sewing any more. I do really like the hand dyed diaper outers but I would still be really into diapers if they weren't around.
I would still be very into cd'ing, but it just wouldn't be as exciting.

It would still be fun to see the new styles and options, but no new colors/ prints would be sad.
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I'd definatly still
love it. I would long for a world in which I could hand dye the items, but I'd still be psyched about cloth.
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It is hard to say. It was all the cute prints and stuff that pulled me in in the first place. But, now I know how awesome it is, how good it is for my kiddos, the environment, etc. I love it prints or no prints.
I would still cd but I would make do with just the 14 dipes that I have. I wouldn't go out of my way to get any more of them. I am way too into prints to get excited over white. lol.

I used birdseye prefolds and gerber vinyl pants on my first and I'd do it again if that's all that was available.
i'd still use them most definitely but i'm not sure they'd have quite the same attraction. of course right now, i'm craving more white/unbleached dipes/covers so that's what i'm collecting at the moment.
I would still cd and love it but I would miss the yummy handpainted wool yarn I use for ds's soakers/soaker shorts/longies.
Yep, I would! I prefer plain stuff anyways. *shrug*
Absolutely. I love the colors, but really love the textures and feel of all the soft fabrics.
It wouldnt change much for us, we have mostly unbleached prefolds as it is. But I love putting a bit of color on them.
I dunno. I always wonder why people would buy white FB's when there are colors, and they cost the same. ???

Plain white pf's and a cool wool cover should do it for me. They used wool in the old days, but I wonder if it was colorful, or plain.
Yep, that's what I started with. Plain white flannel fitteds and plain white covers from the resell store.
Originally I loved white.
I like some of my prints, but now I totally
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Yes, I'd definitely still use cloth. I don't think I'd be as into it, but I'd still love it,and do it for the earth.
I actually PREFER the white or natural look over colors and prints. Guess I'm just weird, huh?
Yup. I did it before. Had I never found out about all the color options and cute prints and what have you I bet it would have never bothered me. Heck paper diapers aren't cute and people are pretty attached to them.

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