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Beach with baby and 4 yr old-what to bring?

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We're going to the beach tomorrow! It's our first trip to the beach this year and I'm out of practice. I have a 11 month old and a 4.5 year old. Can anyone give me some quick tips/lists/must-brings to make the trip easier? Tia!
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Things I always bring...sunscreen, shade tent, kiddie pool, water/sand toys, baby powder (to easily get sand off of skin), towels, bamboo roll mats, kites, and snacks.

Have fun!
We'll be down the shore on Thurs. or else I'd say we might run into you.

I like to wear the little guy in a sling and pile all the beach gear into a cart of some sort. A stroller would do in a pinch, but a laundry cart is even better and if you can get your hands on one (maybe not tomorrow but for next time) a beach buggy is even better!
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One of my friends had a really cool idea. Just take an old plastic shower curtain instead of a baby pool, dig a little ditch in the sand and lay the curtain over it (heaping wet sand on the edges to keep it from slipping). Viola! Easy low-maintenance baby pool. It's easier to shake the sand off of when you leave, and if you choose, you can even toss it before leaving (I'd only do it with an old shower curtain).
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