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Bean Bag Gift Idea, Need Help

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So in my "sitting" time today, I've been making some bean bags for my nephew's 4th birthday. I used Veggie Tales fabric (his fave) and I have 16 of them.

Sooo, what do I give him to use "with" the bean bags?

They are the most mainstream family in the world, so I don't know that they have creativity-inducing toys... so I'm trying to give him non-plastic, fun toys. She thinks playsilks will make him "gay" though, so bean bags is a compromise.

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Hmmm- he needs something to throw the bean bags into or through. Make it some type of game Maybe? How about a draw string bag in veggie tales fabric to store his beanbags in?

i'm thinking my kids liked to throw their bean bags in coffee cans and threw and old tire swing outside. You could print out some instructions to go with them on different types of games he could play with the beanbags ??
I've been incubating an idea to make bean bag frogs, and then cut out felt different sized "lily pads" to use as targets.... so I second the "something to throw at or in" idea. It'd be pretty easy to decorate coffee cans... I've used fabric to wrap around them or you can decorate shelf paper and then cover that with contact paper.....
I like the cut out lily pads. I just made bean bag frogs and painted a blue mat with lily pads and flowers for a gift. The cut out pads are much cheaper (dang-why didn't I think of that?). I numbered the pads so then you can try to get a beanbag on 1 then 2, ect. Or, add up the number as you land on them. Lots of fun stuff!
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