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beans and potato in g/f foods?

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I can't get with that! I got some g/f pancake mix and I've seen it in other mixes. *potato!* In *pancakes?
: I know there are potato pancakes...but, with syrup?
I made some for a multicultural project in elementary school; but, if I remember it was with sour cream! Can you taste it? And *beans*? I know I know their good for you,
: but, I don't like any but soy! Cathe, can you taste the *beans* in the brownies? I am having some challenges with g/f! With the potato, that and white bread, raise blood sugars, don't they? Its like if you cut wheat its a challenge! I made some pancakes with millet and soy which weren't too bad. I'm not too sure how to use millet, save the grains for breakfast. G/fers can yall enlighten me?
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Beleive me, I was VERY pleasantly surprised that you can not AT ALL taste the beans in the black bean brownies (see Peggy's kitchen this week for those who wonder what they are). I just had to share the recipe cause I couldn't beleive it myself.

Also as for potatoes in pancake mix - I just made a batch of doughnuts that called for mashed potatoes and you couldn't tell at all. Potatoes do raise blood sugar but I'm sure it's not much that is used in a g/f mix so I wouldn't worry.

As for whole millet, it's a great substitute for white rice because it cooks just as quick but is a whole grain with lots of protein and iron.

Just put 1 cup millet in pot with 3 cups water. Cover and bring to a boil. Reduce to simmer and cook 20 - 25 minutes or until water is absorbed.
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