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dd seems to have a problem with me eating beans. At first I thought it was just soy beans, but now I am thinking it is all beans. I am a vege so this is a big problem. She is almost 4 months old. Any ideas if there's anything I can do about it other than not eat beans ? Anyone know if she'llgrow out of it ?
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We had the same problem when Ds was nursing, and we are also veg.
Epazote is an herb from mexico, the bean herb, and it works great for cutting out bean-gas, that might help your baby. I think Penzey's herb catalog has it if you can't find it locally. Also you could try Beano or something like it.
Is your baby crying-gassy-in pain, or does she get a rash?
If she's having tummy trouble, I think beano or epazote might help (if you take them, not her!), but if she gets a rash I would be concerned about possible allergies and really try to keep away from beans for awhile.
Cooking our beans with epazote allowed me to eat them when DS was a young baby, around a year, though, he was pretty much fine, and by 18 months was eating them on his own, maybe even earlier. Also garlic, spiciness, and cabbage in my milk bothered him, but I never figured out a way around that, just eliminated them, or at least an excess of those things.
Good eating!
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