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Beautiful, Rare, Unique Names

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Hello! I am always in search of rare and beautiful names! I especially like for a girl Sahaja Lilibel (Sahaja is Sanskrit for "pure, natural, to be and Lilibel is a combination of family names Isabelle and Lillian) My son's name is Sabien, and other boys names I like are: Eltanin (Draco Constellation) Azriel, and Auron. What are other peoples favorite rare names?
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Thale - a traditional Scandinavian name (perhaps a derivation of "St. Ale")

Not too uncommon, but not common here.

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Boy or girl? There are too many lovely girls names to list (boys names are so much harder!) So here are some of the boys names I would use if my DH would stop being stubborn and just agree with me!(It's SO much easier that way!) Maybe we'll have a girl and I won't need them anyway.(I'll know in 2 weeks!)

My favorite name for a boy is Adrock

A girl's name that I love is..Genesis...semi-rare
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A beautiful girl's name that I adore is Shenandoah. My brother dated a girl with that name and I think it is wonderful.
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We named our dd Paisley, it's pretty darn rare and I love it.

Our next daughter will be Murron, and we plan on naming a son Dunedan.

I love unique names.
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I like unique names, but only ones I can pronnounce at first glance. I like Viviana (Vivi-ohna).
Anyone found any good websites for unusual names?
My name is Abra, which is the feminine form of Abraham. It means Earth mother or mother of many. I wasn't thrilled to have a unique name when I was a kid, but by the time I was in middle school, I LOVED it. Still do!

I am also wanting to name my baby something more unique, but I'm only in my 6th week so I'm not in the name game yet!
All of my children have had naming ceremonies and were named by our Medicine Man.

Sigwan Nodin- "Spring wind woman"

Dakaashi - "She is cooled by a cold wind"

Miziway Migizi -"Eagles flying in the clouds"

Awanikwe - "Fog Woman"

Gimiwan-gizhik -"Rainy Day Woman"
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My boys are Dryden and Niall, neither have middle names.
My boys names are Kearnan (warrior) and Tharen (falcon). I also like Liethan (of the vikings), Galen, Adair (oak grove), and Setsuna.

My daughters name was Arawyn (Welsh king of Fairy). For girls I also like Anwyn (land of the Fairies), Auryn, Kaede, Kurai, Verthandy (Norse Fate of the present), and Freya (Norse Goddess).
Well, I'm rather partial to Arwyn...
(love to your angel Arawyn, Shannon)

I always feel weird about these threads, because I LOVE unusual names (even growing up, except the bit where I couldn't pronounce "r"s for a few years
), especially (what I consider) unisex names, and I have a couple I particularly love, but, well, if I share them, they might not be so unusual!

I love some of these suggestions, and I MUST keep a copy of this thread for later inspiration!
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My son's name is Raziel Darshan. I haven't met any others. Raziel is pronounced the way it is spelled but people are always trying to make it something else. Like I've heard (Ray Jul) ? I call him Razi mostly.
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My name is Fiona, and it is a pretty uncommon name. It means 'fair' in Irish Gaelic. My sister's name is Brenda, meaning 'blade'.
I will be following this topic! We're looking for an unusual name for our 3rd little boy.
I like Opal
Arwyn was on my name list! We ended up with Anwyn (pronounced On-Win). It's perfect for her.
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