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Bebina Terractta 4.2M

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I have for sale a Bebina Terracotta 4.2M. Only tried on, never worn for any period of time. Never washed. No flaws that I could find but I will inspect again before I ship. Comes with instruction booklet. Okay, I waited so long for this wrap but now I am doing mostly short wraps. This wrap is discontinued, it was a limited edition. I *believe* that I bought the last one available in retail. I am asking $86 ppd, insurance is extra. I reserve the right to withdraw this wrap for sale.

For those who have never tried a Bebina, this is very thin, the weave is tight so it is strong and supportive. While it is thin it is soft, very smooth and sort of silky but not slippery.

Here is an action picture (you need to scroll down):

This wrap is very hard to capture due to the pattern of the weave. It is a coordination of white and a true terracotta that almost looks reddish from a distance. Here are some pics:

I accept all forms of paypal as long as you pay the fees for credit card paypal and I will wait to ship until an e-check clears. Thank you for looking!

I have feedback under "regripley" on,,, and

I am ISO:
  • 4th Generation Beco
  • Colibri
  • Berry Plus AIOs
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