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Becoming a Doula

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Hi there, I have a complicated question for you.

My cousin who is in her early 30's just moved from Romania to Montreal Quebec. In Romania she was the head nurse for labor and delivery for over 10 years at her regional hospital.

Now that she is in Canada they will not accept her credentials for nursing. She is thinking of going to nursing school in Canada but is afraid of not getting a spot in the Maternity program (it is very competitive).

My question is this: is there a alternate "official" Canada/Quebec program for her to become a midwife or doula? She primarily speaks Romanian and fair English and passable French (she has been living in Montreal since November).

She is currently taking french language classes and has a few more to take befre she is considered fluent.

Any help would be appreciated. She would like some information in French pertaining to any programs available.
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Global Birth Is the a Canadian based Doula traning program. It is in BC, but the Doula courses are offered in different provinces, though she'd probably have to travel to Ontario and I don't know if they have them in French.
Has she tried contacting the College of Nurses in Quebec to see what she would need to do to get her Quebec license? She may only have to take a few courses, plus write her licensing exam rather than taking the entire nursing program.
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