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Becoming a midwife

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I have wanted to be a midwife for a long time and now Im finally ready to start my journey. I became a doula this year and I been trying to get my hands on anything birth and pregnancy realted. Im in Canada and I do not want to go the traditional full time school route. So Ive been looking into distance ed/apprentice type studies-which are all located in the usa. Does anyone have any experience with these type of schools? I would love any tips, web site recommendations, etc. Thanks so much.
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Are you in BC? I know most US educated BC midwives used Seattle Midwifery School, which is nice, but it's a spendy program. I believe they have a correspondence course.

I've heard good things about AAMI and also ISTM - I have just spent a weekend with the woman that runs this school and it was great.
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Yes Im in BC. I have looked into the Seattle Midwifery School and I will check out the others you posted. Thanks so much.
Do you want to be in the health system or outside the health system?

If you want to be in the system, the best thing would be to find out the requirements of BC and explore all the accreditted options.

If you want to be a lay midwife, you have every option in the world open to you.

I recommend Seattle Midwifery School! I was actually accepted to start this fall but we have decided to stay in England for another year so I will start in Sept. '05. Wanna do it with me?

Honestly, I didn't do that much research into other school because Seattle is my home, but SMS is just great! I visited them in May for an info night and then an interview and some tests and everyone was so wonderful. Visiting the school and meeting so many RAD women made me even more confident in my choice.

The way I understand it, there is one week of on campus training per month and then the rest is hands on in your own community. It sounded like there are tons of women that commute from all over the states and Canada for that one week each month. I talked to a couple of the students and it seemed like they were all really wonderful, kind, tight-knit types and that the out of towners stayed mostly with the locals.

YAY! Isn't it great to firgure out what you want?
Have a beautiful day!
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Thanks so much for all your replies. Im trying to find the book called paths to becoming a midwife to help decide exactly which route to take. I know I want to be a homebirth midwife. I am trying to get in touch with local lay midwives. Theres alot to go through if I take schooling through the USA and then try to work here in Canada. Thanks again
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