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Becoming regular after coming off the pill

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I got off of the pill 3 months ago and my periods have not been regular...I am aware this could happen, but how long should it last? My first period after the pill was very very light (but came on time) this month it took DH and I by surprise and was 4/5 days early. I'm also having really intensified side affects (worse cramps and back pain than usual).

If my periods aren't regular yet, does it mean I'm still not ovulating and can't conceive yet? How long has it taken you til you were regular after you got off the pill?? I'm so used to knowing when my period will come, basically to the day since I was on the pill, that this is really annoying!
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How regular were your cycles before starting the pill? I don't think most women have cycles as completely predictable as they are on the pill without the pill.

If you aren't already, I would start charting. That will give you some very good insight into whether you're ovulating, how long your LP is, etc. etc. With only knowing cycle length, there's not a lot we can tell.

My experience coming off of the pill was very frustrating. It took me 5 months to get a period at all (so you're already doing better than me). I ovulated before that first period and only had a 5-day LP. My second cycle was ~28 days and anovulatory, and my third cycle resulted in DD.
So even with a horrid start to coming off of the pill, once things started up, I was able to conceive very quickly. I hope you have a similarly quick progression!
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I agree that you should start charting your BBT... some women are anovulatory for the first few cycles coming off of certain pills... others are fertile right away even though their cycles are irregular. Part of it has to do with which pill you were taking (one that prevented ovulation or one that prevented implantation?) how long you were on it and how your OWN body reacts to it.

It could take a few months, a year... or possibly never go back to regular if thats just how your body is.

but if you chart... you will know if you are ovulating and after a month or two charting (if you dont get pregnant first!) you will be able to tell what day your AF will come on 2 weeks ahead of time or so.
I went off the pill in October, and while my periods were regular (but very light), I never saw the CFs that everything I read said to expect. Then in January (3 months/cycles after going off the pill), I saw the CFs exactly as expected (probably would have been good if I'd charted using BBT, but I was still trying to convince myself that I could be relaxed about this.)

I think what you're going through is normal and will probably even out soon... just as background, I was on the pill for about 12 years, so even long periods of time seem to work out ok. (Oh, and I'm 33.)

So, sadly, I think the answer is patience
Good luck!!! This is a wonderful forum, and people are very friendly!
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