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Much to my dismay, I'm fairly certain I have bed bugs. Ewwwww. (Shudder.)<br><br>
I haven't seen them, but I'm waking up every morning with new bites and they are incredibly, insanely itchy. I had the same problem last summer, but it stopped happening so I forgot about it. Then last week I was doing a good cleaning and I vaccuumed my matress before flipping it and vaccuuming the other side. I also vaccuumed around the bedframe. I figure maybe I woke them up because I've been getting bites again in the last week.<br><br>
My grandmother said I could burn about a tablespoon of sulfur on each floor of the house while I'm out for the day and that it will smolder and kill all bugs.<br>
(I have other bugs that don't bother me, but I wouldn't mind them being gone either.)<br><br>
Is there any harm in this? Is there any reason that I wouldn't want to use sulfur? (I've never heard of doing such a thing.) Anybody have any suggestions as to how I can get rid of them without filling my house with insecticides?<br><br>
Any suggestions and input would be appreciated.
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