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bed time snacks

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I need snack ideas for my 2 yr old - he always decides he is hungry at 11pm!

- needs to be healthy
- needs to not mess up his sleep
- needs to not rot teeth (because he has already brushed his teeth at this point, would be hard to do it again!)
- vegetarian, and no dairy (allergies)
- something that wont make a huge mess

He is happy to eat veggies and mostly eats healthy foods, in general he eats very little though. He has been eating nuts/whole grapes/ other 'chocking hazard' foods sense he started solids at 12 months, so he is very good at chewing up just about anything.

Any ideas?
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with the exception of no teeth brushing, DS gets homemade cheerios before bed usually (these can be made ahead)

GF oat flour (maybe 1 cup)
a little molasses (about 1 tsp)
a little olive oil (out 1 tsp)
a little cold water (enough to form a moist, but not too sticky dough)

Then I break off little pieces, roll them into cheerios (or any shape you want), and toast them in a dry pan for a minute or 2.

DS usually eats a bunch as I make them, but they do last a few days in the fridge (I make a lot at once)
We also sometimes spread nut/seed butters on them.

as I said though, they do require teeth brushing after. any way you could have his toothbrush and a glass of water next to where he has his late night snack? I'm sure you've already tried loading him up on fatty, filling snacks before bed, but thought I'd throw that out just in case
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