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bedrest anyone?

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Just wondering if anyone else here aware that they may need to be on bedrest?
With my previous pregnancy cervical funneling was discovered at about 22 weeks and from about 24 to 35 i was on bedrest. During my last appoitment on Friday my doc and I talked about it and I asked him if he thought there is more chance that I will have to be on it again as opposed to not be on it and he said yes. But thats something we cant know until we get to week 10 or more.
I REALLY dont want a cerclage. The whole thought of it FREAKS me out-ive never talked to anyone who has had it also...anyone here?
So i would rather be on bedrest and not have a cerclage if thats an option.
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A friend of mine had a cerclage after a loss at 21 weeks. She said the cerclage was really no problem, not painful, and she was able to have a natural VBAC after it was removed at term.
I think she is on mdc under the username mary3mama. I can see if I can put you in touch, if you want - I know she has no problem talking about her experience.
i would like that...thanks very much
I have had a couple of clients with a cerclage who both seemed quite comfortable with it. One was even able to come to my prenatal yoga classes and we just modified some poses (like no deep squats)...
I can imagine the thought of it is so intruisive but a benefit to your health would be to remain more mobile and keep your circulation flowing! Bed rest is so hard on the body (which I guess you know!).
It is a very individual choice and one that only you can make!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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