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try posting in the family bed forum. you might get more responses.

my ideas:
can your girls share a bed?

agree with the idea of a longer nighttime routine. maybe more stories? ours is something like 2 hrs long --- dinner, quiet play, bath time, change, 2 stories from dad, 2 stories from mom, nurse, bed time. No exciting play from dinner on (unless bath time gets out of hand, which it usually doesn't).

also wanted to add that yelling might be stimulating them.

can one of you hang out in their room for a while? meaning maybe just a parent laying in there with them would be enough to get them relaxed?

quiet music and when the cd stops no more talking?

let dh take over more?

maybe some role playing on what you might do when you can't sleep -- cuddle a baby, quietly read a book, etc.
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