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I want to make my own social story for bedtime. I am using my digital camera and my computer has Lexmark Photo center on it so I can print out a sheet of twenty 2 inch photos which I then have laminated at OfficeMax. I can cut out the photos and attach velcro dots to use as PECS. In this case I was thinking of making up mini schedules and having those laminated.

How should I go about this? One photo with my son in the tub, one for toweling off, one for putting on his pajamas, one for brushing his teeth, a photo of the story books we read at bedtime (yes all 6), one for his teddy bears, and one of him tucked in bed?

He still sleeps with DH and me and we don't mind but it was nicer when he spent some time in his own bed in the bedroom he shares with his older brother KWIM?

I have read about these on-line but I don't have enough information to understand the concept.

All suggestions welcome.

My son does well with Boardmaker images and photos of real things.

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