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Background (brief as I can). DD was always nursed or rocked to sleep until she was about 1.5. That was last Thanksgiving and we decided it was time for her to 'learn' to fall asleep on her own. We did it gradually by laying beside her bed, but not rocking her, etc. We made great strides.....although it took like 8 months.....with naptime. But the bedtime was still tough and we've been working on it almost a year.

Over the past few weeks she has regressed. She is getting her last molars, was starting to throw more tantrums and just displaying more emotions. We've had some big changes (positive, but still changes) and the bedtime took a backslide as well. We were back to having to lay with her until she was completely asleep, which could take pretty long, AND, I had to have my arms wrapped around her. She also started saying she was afraid of the dark.

Four nights ago out of frustration that she wouldn't even 'let' me get up to go to the bathroom and come RIGHT back, I said, 'ya know what, why don't we turn on the light and you can lay here and read your books as long as you want to, just as long as you stay in your bed?". She like that idea!

For the past 3 nights she has read her books for one hour (the first night was til 10:30, now we start earlier!), then lays down and goes to herself! I can't believe it!

Let's hope tonight is night #4!
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