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i'm on another private board and the question came up - what time do your toddlers go to bed? most of them answered with consistent bedtimes ranging from 7-9:30. what i mean is that they each said their kids went to bed at the same time each night at 7 or at 8, etc...and then i chimed in with me "it varies - any time between 8:30 and 11:30". LOL i was the only one. i really the only one?? we've never tried to enforce a specific bedtime because he naps at different times each day and when he's not tired he just will NOT fall asleep. so he hangs with us until he's tired. once he's tired he just drops off to sleep no matter where he is/what he's doing. it just might be as early as 8:30 or as late as 11:30 or even midnight.

how abnormal is this?
oh, he's nearly 27 mos.
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