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Bedwetting - suggestions?

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My 8 year old still wets the bed occasionally (1 - 2 X per mo). This is not so much a problem at home but it is when we are traveling. We (and he)hate those Good NIghts disposables (the noise, the fit, the garbage, they leak) but I can't find any good cloth bedwetting pants. For now, he uses some of our old diaper doublers but I'm looking for something more secure and fitted. Any suggestions?

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I don't know if this helps-but I wet the bed until I was around 9 yrs.old-more than 1-2x a month. Of course this was over 25 yrs ago so they didn't have all the stuff they have now to "hide" it-we were pretty much on our own. Sleepovers at friends houses were awful---I am fine now of course, out grew it years and years ago, but if I could give advice it would be just wake them up in the middle of the night when traveling to go pee, pack a absorbent pad (the same one you use when nursing and sleeping on non-waterproof beds) to put where they are sleeping-and hope for the best. They will outgrow it in time. As for sleepovers-have them only at your house so you can wake them up to go pee in the middle of the night. My mom never made me feel ashamed about wetting the bed' and usually they outgrow it by 9 or 10yrs old. Both my kids now wake up in the middle of night a couple of times to go pee-one of them (7.6 yrs.) will always wake us up to go with him, then either crawl into bed with us after (fear issues) or make us tuck him back in, the other child (5.1 yrs) will wake up, go on her own, and go back to bed (no fear issues). We all have small bladders-including dad, and there is nothing we can do but wait for him to outgrow it--trust me-my dad tried everything in the book with me-no drinking after 5 pm, alarm setting with "mild shock" when it gets wet, etc. Just help them wake up, go and pull them into to bed with you if they are afraid to go to their room after, and live with it. In a few years it will be gone, and they will love you for helping and understanding. By the way, I still get up once or twice a night to go pee, but now atleast I make it to the bathroom!!
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my dd has finally stopped wetting the bed. At age 3 she found cloth too bulky. I tried pull-up type things for travel but she would put up such a fuss. I even tried putting them on in her sleep and she would take it off after I was asleep. I got some waterproof flannel bed protectors, largest I found in the stores was twin size (as we co-sleep, I need a pad to cover her area plus mine as the pee always runs into my depression). I also make sure she sleeps with her own top covers. This was if she does pee I just remove the pad, add new pad, and give her some new covers.
I also make sure I have a good bed protector. I got a bed pad at BB&B for $70. It's cotton with a layer of PUL between. Not noisy like plastic and not as hot as the flannel pad.
I wish I had some suggestions for underwear. I did a snap cover with thoses gerber padded underwear with a hemp doubler inside. It decreased leaks for the most part but dd often would pull the doubler out an have mahor leaks.
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