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well we considered ourselves all done with ec but then the past couple of days dd has been waking up wet - she goes around 6 am but gets right back to sleep for a few more hours. the other day i went ahead and changed her pants which resulted in violent protest, this morning i just let her be.

so at this point we are so out of practice in 'communicating' -- at least, i never have to say anything, it is she who communicates to me her need to go to the potty -- that i really dont feel like explaining to her that she wet the bed. anyway I did tell her today, "oh look you are wet, if you need to go potty, you should just say potty!" and she gave me a puzzled look like, "what do you think i am, 6 months old? i already know that!"

we never night ec'd - either she was dry all night or i changed her pants. very rarely she would use the potty at night.

i should probably just put the vynil fitted sheet back on the matress and not worry about it. but i wonder if anyone else has thoughts / suggestions on this?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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