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Bee Sting

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Okay, I searched old forums and didn't find anything specific related to a bee sting, point me to it if there is one!
I am a pussy when it comes to itching. I can take searing burns and deep cuts, but I can't stand itching. Sue me.
I soaked my foot in Tea Tree Oil, because I use TTO and baking soda on everything. One of my girlfriends says it's like how the father in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" used Windex for everything.
So... any thoughts on how to help the itching of a bee sting? I also get a bumload of mosquito bites, so any thoughts on that are also appreciated.
Thanks ladies (and the random gents on here too!)
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Well; I ended up icing it, using TTO and swearing at my foot a little too.
Mainly I just waited it out. I'm still interested in bite remedies!
get ahold of some of the homeopathic remedy Apis 30X. It works for itchy insect bites of all varieties....hasn't let me down yet.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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