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LOL. I haven't been on here since last Saturday, craziness. I went down to visit with DF on the gig that he has been working on after our DA on Friday. I ended up staying there until this past Friday, due to the producers firing the makeup artist/ hairstylist that they had and hiring me. So, what I thought was a mini-vacation, turned out to be me working for four days. And when I work on a film set, I NEVER get a chance to get online and do anything. Most days are over 12 hours and we are all exhausted by the time we get done. And it took me two days to recover from all the lack of sleep that I had. So, this is the first time that I have had to get on here and update.

On that note... as I stated before, we had our 20 week appointment last Friady. Baby was EXTREMELY co-operative and we got a really good peek of the goods. LOL DEFINITELY a BOY!!!! Baby Merrick is moving like crazy lately. He weighed 15 ounces at the appointment, but I know he's getting bigger. We have a peri-natal visit on the 21st to check his tubes that go from his kidneys as well as checking his heart. The tubes are bigger than they are supposed to be. And they found a white spot in his heart that could just be a calcium deposit. We're not too worried about either thing, b/c my dr isn't worried. But if he does end up having problems, we are preparing ourselves. I'm not 100% sure what would need to be done if the tubes that go from his kidneys to his bladder continue to get bigger. They might have to induce me even earlier. But my dr said that he could just have a great filter system. The white spot that they found on the sonogram in his heart could be just a calcium deposit, due to me taking so much calcium (I have a calcium deficency, so I was taking extra), but it could be a heart condition. But like I stated before, my dr isn't too worried, so we aren't.

Another thing going on, and I know that I mentioned this before, is that we are officially moved out of our old apartment and everything is in storage for now. But we are technically homeless right now until we find a way down to Austin to look for an apartment. So we are currently staying with DF's family and figuring out what to do about our situation. So, I've been a little stressed out.

Sorry for the long post, hope you made it all the way through.
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