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Where can I find a chunk of beeswax to stick my diaper pins into?
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You might check and see if you have a beekeeping shop in your area. The one in my area sells beezwax in either blocks or beads.
i'm not sure if you are even looking for alternatives, but i used KISS MY FACE olive oil soap... one of the small bars... and it worked great.
You probably know this but I went out to the local apiary for beesbax and she brought out a hunk of white stuff. I said, "I thought it was brown?" She said,"Oh, you didn't say you wanted unbleached!" It never occurred to me you COULD get bleached but that was not what I wanted! I figure we have enough bleached stuff in our world...
Your health food store should have some. It'll be with the oils. Or check online for a company that supplies oils for soapmaking/lotions/salves.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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