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Beginning walkers/joggers/runners support-April

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Anyone else out there? I thought maybe I'd start a new thread for this month. I need other newbies to talk to!

I'm doing the coolrunnings c25k and tomorrow I'm on w3d3 and feeling good so far. I just bought new shoes and they feel great but I only did one day with them. I'm a little nervous though about moving on in the program. It seems impossible I'll be able to run for 5 minutes straight, then 8 minutes, then what? 20 minutes I think it goes on to? Anybody else who has done it feel the same way and then find it wasn't so bad? I know there is supposed to be some aerobic threshold that once you cross it gets better but it seems like it would take a lot longer to work up to that point.

I want to run a 5k either June or July. I'm really slow though. So far during each of my c25k sessions I only get about 1.75 miles (which includes my warm up and cool down)
:. So that only adds to my worries about not only being able to run for 30 minutes straight but to actually go 3 miles in the process. It takes time to work up to it, I know. It's just hard to imagine right now.
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I just started running again on saturday. My legs feel like rubber bands. I don't know how far I went but I walked/jogged for about 40 minutes. I rode my bike today with the two kiddos in the trailer for 2 hours, so I think I will walk tonight instead of jog. Tomorrow I'll get a new battery for my pedometer so, we'll see. I really don't want to leave off so I'll start very slow.
I have an old old book called "inner running" that gave me a 'gem' I will always remember when doing a walking/running, etc. program.....

it said "dont do anything today that will keep you from going back out there again tomorrow."

just thought I'd share that as it has meant so much to me over the years. listen to your body, go at its pace, you'll be light years ahead and so much more likely to continue, and continue, and continue.....!

good luck!
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Yes, that's great advice. That's why I'll be walking tonight. If I don't go at least go out and walk then I lose the rhythm of just getting out the door. For me that's my biggest hurdle.


Originally Posted by nancyw
Idont do anything today that will keep you from going back out there again tomorrow

Originally Posted by PumpkinSeeds
If I don't go at least go out and walk then I lose the rhythm of just getting out the door. For me that's my biggest hurdle.

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Way to go mamas!

For the pp wondering what C25K is, it's the couch to 5K plan, which you can find on if you look in the new runners section.

I encourage anyone to do this, take it one run at a time and stick with it. If you have a bad day, don't be hard on yourself, just try again.

I finished C25K last night. I'm not sure what I'm moving onto next. I don't have a desire to race or anything, but I want to keep adding miles.
Hi all,
I am new to running too.
I've been run/walking off and on since January. Now I'm on w5d1 of the C25K. Looking at running 20 minutes straight by the end of this week! I signed up for a 5K May 7. I won't feel bad about walking in it if I need to.

I got myself some new shoes last wk as a reward. They are super-comfy, but I noticed some knee pain appeared last wk. I wasn't sure if it was the shoes or the increase in running minutes, but unfortunately I now think it was the shoes.

The pace of the C25K is great for me so far. If you need to repeat a week you can though! While I am walking my heart rate is still way up there so I know it's still aerobic.

I'm starting to feel stronger and like my legs have some "spring" in them.

I just read last month's beginning thread and it was really motivating. Keep it up all!
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I've done a bit of c25k, but not seriously, I've been "dabbling" in it for about a month, and am on week 2

I can run/jog at 5/6 mph for 3 minutes but only my first time, after that, it's 2 minutes. Dh used to run he says once you can do a mile it gets easy, everything after 3 feels the same. Since I've never been any good who knows.

I am trying to get 3 miles a day in.

I was hoping to do a 5k in May but that isn't happening.
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Well, last night I walked my self-defined little circuit. 40 minutes. So that's 40 minutes whether I walk or jog, what does that tell you about my speed?

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OK I printed the c25k running schedule. My husband said he would try it so I think this is going to work out. We've gotten a little roly-poly over the years...
Thanks for restarting this thread!!!

I'm back after an entire month with no running.
I had a long nasty bout with a sinus infection, then got colitis from the super heavy-duty antibiotics I had been doing. I'm still having vertigo and some headaches but overall am much much better.

Not sure what week of C25K I'm on. I had made it to week 7 before I stopped, now I think I'll have to go back to week 4. Oh well. I was able to run 4 5-min intervals today, which was better than I had thought I would do.

Way to go mamaley for finishing C25K!!!
You'll need to push me when I get stuck on week 7 again.

PumpkinSeeds - I'm in awe that you rode for 2 hours with your kids in the trailer. My kiddos are now so heavy that I'm dreading going out with them this year - even last year, it was a huge push to do 6-8 miles with them, even tho' I could ride 20 by myself easily. I think ds is ready for a tagalong.
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Chamamama, good for you for starting it after having to take off for a month! I'm so glad that you're better now. I've been wondering about you.
I checked out that site. Very cool. I would love to start. I'll just to have to take it easy and make adjustments when necessary, for my illness. 2morrow w1d1.. you have to start somewhere.

Originally Posted by Lilacmoon
w1d1.. you have to start somewhere.
Exactly! Good for you
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I just started W2D1 yesterday of C25K. I'm a real couch potato - haven't committed to anything since high school, so I really want to stick with this. My greatest fear is of myself, giving up.
I enjoy how I feel after each walk/run, and so far that's been enough to make me keep going. Lack of motivation will be my biggest hurdle. I have a lot of weight to lose too, and I've found in the past that if something didn't give me results almost immediately, I'd just pack it in. Ah, well. I run again tomorrow...
Way to go, Sweet Kat! Keep it up...but I'm warning you, it gets addictive

I did 1.25 miles, which took me 15 minutes, so it was a short one today. Which was very nice after doing the last week of c25k. I'm following Hal Higdon's Spring Training plan for now, so that was w1d1 of that.
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I went out today, so I'm very proud of myself and I feel really good so..

Sweet Kat, you can do it!! We are cheering you on!

ChamaMama, I'm glad you're feeling better. C'mon and run with us now..

LilacMoon, you'll have to report back on how you did your first day out...

Mamaley, I'm going to check out that site....
Thanks for the words of encouragement. I did W2D2 today in the pouring rain! It was good, and I felt good afterwards, but I've been getting really bad pains on the outside of my lower legs. Anybody know what that's like and how to fix it? I'm starting to think it might be my shoes, as I make sure I stretch before and after.

I'm going to check out a runner's store, see if I can get some advice, and maybe new shoes.
Hi i'm Mita and i here to join you.

Dh and i are a ttc so i am trying to loose some weight and get into better shape. I am on day 1 of week 1 of the couch to 5k and boy am i out of shape.
: I have a long way to go. My dh was cheering my on the whole time but i didn't hear a thing he was saying because all i was thinking is how many more seconds. I don't see how i will be able to increase my running time to 2 minutes next week. I really want to stick to this.
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