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Belly popped and feet are missing already?

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Okay I am in total shock
Do you grow faster after the first? I did not pop until the end of the 7th month with DS (my 1st) and the end of 6 months with DD. This is the biggest I have ever been at just 19 weeks. I'm already missing my feet. Someone fed me a basketball in my sleep - Who was it?? No need to confess just come get it back. I would like to continue seeing my feet for 2 more months

I guess my neighbor and ex co-workers were right. When I was pregnant with DS they ranted about me not showing the early 7th month but stated the more pregnancies you have the faster you'll pop. Could it be water and tomorrow I'll awake and it will be gone?

Anyone else not a first timer and noticed that they are growing much faster this time around? Or is it just me?
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I definitely looked pregnant WAY sooner the second time. And it's about the same the third for me. But the difference between my morning and afternoon belly is amazing. I guess I'm eating too much!

- Krista
By late afternoon I feel really pg, but then I go to bed and wake up smaller too.
Okay I woke up this morning and it is a little smaller. But it's still better than the last two.
I'm big enough now that I can't tell the difference between my morning and evening stomach. It's just huge. I look like I'm 7 or 8 months instead of 5. I guess that's what happens with your third and being short and small.....
Me too. I was this big at 34 weeks with my daughter (she was born at 35 weeks) and I am only 19 weeks. The plus side is I look pregnant though and not just fat

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For 22w, I feel huge. With ds, I used to measure my belly with toilet paper squares. I'm 9 squares around the biggest part of my belly already and I wasn't that big with ds until 7-ish months. I'm gonna be huge!
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I too am growing faster than with DS. I measured 4 cm small throughout my pregnancy last time-I don't think I will this time. On top of it all, I am now only 19 weeks and not 21 like I thought due to my ultrasound. Rrrrr! I can still see my feet-even shaved my legs last night for the first time in at least a month. DH was shocked! LOL!

The thing that's really getting me are my boobs! They are huge! I bought some 38 DD bras and I'm growing out of them. I'm ordinarily something like a 36 C-but now you can just call me Chesty La Rue. Sheesh! I've gained 7 lbs so far-and I think that 70% of it is in my chest.
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