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Belly sleep

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I'm sure this has been asked before but....

does anyone know when it is considered safe for a babe to sleep on their belly?

My DD sleeps so much better on her belly. She is 5 mo and can flip from belly to back (but not the reverse yet). She doesn't flip to her belly when sleepy so the only way she gets there is if I put her there. I tried it for a nap while I was nearby and so far, it's the only way she has slept on her own. Any thoughts?
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DS has been sleeping on his belly for about a month now. IMO it is JUST FINE to have them sleep on the belly if they do better there! Especially if they are able to flip themselves! ( dd ALWAYS slept on her belly from week 2!)
If they can flip themselves, they are most definately okay to belly sleep. If they can turn their head, they can even. I've had kids at different times...back to sleep is the advice now, belly to sleep was the advice when my youngest was a baby.
Both of my kids have slept on their bellies for very early on. Ds2 would not sleep on his back at all so he slept on his belly from the beginning.
I think most babies prefer to sleep on their bellies.
My new daughter does & I let her. I don't see the harm.
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I let my daughter sleep on her belly as soon as she was inclined to put herself there. I always lay her down on her back, but she usually flips herself to her belly on her own.

my ds has been on his belly since he was 6 weeks old and broke out of his swaddle. In the beginning I was really nervous about it, but truly I think it is fine, especially at your dc's age.
When I was working, DS would only nap on his belly. I was super paranoid and had his sitter check on him constantly LOL! Now that he's started turning over in his sleep, he flips over onto his belly and I usually just let him stay there. IMO if the babe is putting her/himself there then that's the way s/he should be sleeping. In our case, DH and I are both belly sleepers so it's no surprise that DS would prefer it.
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